Food Review | Chilis' Grill & Bar Singapore + My Valentine

How's everyone's Valentine's Day? Typically that day, most of us are heading out for dinner and movie or whatever ideas nowadays youngsters can come up with. And as usual we ladies being shower with flowers, gifts and etc. Or some may get a surprise proposal from their boyfriends. But of course, some may choose to stay at home, have a nice home-cooked meal with their loved ones. I think that is more practical because not many can do that. For me, I would love to do so for my next Valentine's Day because I have a home of my own. Finally. So this year, my Valentine's is just that typical, having dinner at +Chili's Grill & Bar located at JCube Level 3. The last time we had our dinner there was years back at Sentosa outlet. Was a great experience but pricey. But then this time round was cheaper, probably because of our orders. Nevertheless the spending from previous meal was about SGD80+ for two. Read my previous post here if you want. 

14 Feb 2014 was like a triple celebration for many, especially for Chinese. It is the English and Chinese Valentine's Day + the last day of Lunar New Year which is the 15th of the lunar calendar. About 245 couples getting married on that day in Singapore according to news articles. 

I shall consider this day as our last Valentine's as a dating couple and from next year onwards, we celebrate or not, as a married couple. I don't know why but I just love to emphasize this point because we are of diff status from then on. Give face please. Let me say it out okay? Bear with me! 

So we were somehow early on that Friday evening because we predicted that there will be a crowd if we come any time later than 6.30pm. Seated down and we ordered our food. That day was kind of noisy because some events going on at the skating rink. Quite annoying.

Probably you may think 'Crap! Why on earth you order this mainstream dish?' but hey... I order what I wanna eat cannot is it? Anyway this is my favourite. Apparently, I don't know if it tastes originally salty or because my guy sprinkle some condiments that makes it even saltier or whatever! Nevertheless, I love chewing the calamaris. It is crispy and chewy of course. Erm... I don't really like to dip with sauces. I don't know why but it all depends on my mood that day. If not, no need for sauces.

Chile Shrimp Quesadillas
Mad love this quesadillas. Every bite is heavenly insanely delicious! You can't have such taste without a good quesadillas. Seriously! I just have to use my hands to eat instead of femininely cut it. NO WAY! To me, it has to be eaten this way. Because I love prawns so whenever I see dishes that has prawns with it, I will try. Most of the time.

Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers
I like the sauce as it tastes sweet. But too much makes you a little dragged. Nothing much to rave about for this. The cob corn is good as in minimizing the greasiness. Sweet and soft. I probably think is boiled because the taste is a little different with no crunchiness. Am I right or am I right?

I was telling my guy that if we were to come for dinner at Chilis again, we shall just order 2 dishes and not more than that. Our stomach are like half filled by the time the chicken crispers is served.

Chilis' Grill & Bar Singapore
2 Jurong East Central 1, #03-10 JCube
Singapore 609731
Operating hours :
Sun - Thurs 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
Fri-Sat 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
(Last orders will be 30 minutes before closing)
Tel : +65 6684-3811

And after dinner, we hang around Westgate and JEMs. Then like everywhere you can see gals with flowers and he said if I mind he didn't buy flowers for me. I think I said is okay because I don't really like flowers (although I love floral prints). And he knows that I'm one realistic woman that prefers a bouquet of bears than real flowers. I have gotten from him 2 bouquets in 6 yrs and kept well till now. So what do you think? And I didn't get that as a hint from him because he is too clever with words. Idiot! I still not up to his standard to understand his own language!

And we head back home. He doesn't have much to talk to me and I was so bored. So I put on that sulky face once reach his house. He cheekily came in the room and took out a bouquet of bears and present to me. Kaoz..... 

I think I'm kind of being a little unappreciative because I told him why got chocolates and how am I suppose to keep for long. He said that I like chocolates (because I always see bouquets of chocolates and find it nice) so he bought this with the bears. I think he is a little annoyed because I think he felt that I'm not appreciative for his effort. And also I go about taking all the chocolates out to just the bears alone. I think he wanna kill me and no more of such bouquets for me in future. Wahahahaha... Ya lah... I noe he is good. He is a unromantic guy and to have him giving me bouquets of bears is the greatest extent he knows how to go. 

Ta-da... all the chocolates taken out. That's more like it! The skirts wore by the bears are kind of Korean in some sense. Seriously. When I look at it, I told him 'Looks like those Korean bears in the museum'. Then he flips up the skirt of the bears like a peeping-tom. *roll eyes*

So this is my Valentine's Day. V normal day right? Ya basically it is. I just can't wait for the next one as I have plenty of ideas for all these special occasions! Can't wait!