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As you know, I'm the bride-to-be this year 2014 and though I'm not good-looking (look crap all the time), but then I still need some form care for my overall look (what am I talking about?). Yes! Not being pretty doesn't mean I cannot have the rights to become one! I want better skin and hair, plus nice bod to fit that gown perfectly. So other than my decreasing run routine (8km every Sun), daily weight-lifting and crunches, I do take supplements like Vitamin B & C + Iron. Daily intake of hot green tea and drinking water, what else do I need to do for my body to be even better? I choose the healthier way by cleansing my body through juicing. 

I happen to know about hic'Juice via +Instagram (okay I declare myself as a Instagram addict & seriously is one!). If I'm not wrong, was through the famous blogger Dawn Yang's profile (okay as a self-claimed food blogger, I follow other bloggers too). From there, I study about them through their website and also reviews from their customers (that includes some other famous bloggers too) and as a result, I decided to give it a try after much consideration. Why? Because I'm nearing to my wedding photoshoot (on 22 Feb). I know is kind of crap to do a last minute thingy but then I took the real baby step (please do tease me) by trying their 1-Day Reboot Cleanse. For myself and my husband-to-be. Fair right? We get healthy together rather just me selfishly juice cleanse on my own.

First of all, you have to know that the juices that you are taking are of organic ingredients. My guy asked why spend so much for juices when we can do it ourselves at home with a juicer. One word: Organic ingredients (vegetables & fruits & ionized water). I just shut his mouth by telling him: 'Just give it a try and see if we are adaptable to it.' I'm also quite worried about this cleansing (breakouts esp before the photo-shoot) and he being a 'carnivores', I wonder if he can get used to it.

Secondly, you have to know their cleansing programs. There is:

Level 1 - Reboot (Beginner cleanse) 
Level 2 - Restore (Intermediate cleanse)
Level 3 - Reborn (Experienced cleanse)

When talking about reboot, the 1st thing that cross my mind is my desktop computer.

'Sometimes our computer hangs,
because too many programs are running/processing.
Then the alternative other than 'Ctrl + Alt + Shift',
we restart or reboot our CPU to get it working again.'

So I used this logic and apply to human body. Our body hangs is = to having flu, constipation, skin problems, hair loss and many that we know. These are caused by our lack of sleep, exposure to dusty environment, lack of fiber and etc. Sort of like we are pH imbalance (more on acidic) for our body condition at current. So in order to eliminate them (probably not fully), we need medication or a better way is to detox/cleanse. Okay! You understand Reboot already? If not, please read further from the link.

I haven't explore on Level 2 - Restore (which probably coming soon I will) but then after a brief read through, this is like a continuous from Level 1. Like I say, you can't eliminate your problems completely (or fully), so this level helps you to go further in and cleanse you deeper from within. 

At Level 3 - Reborn, I think is meant for those who are 'old birds' in juice cleansing and their juices are designed for deep down to the cellular level and balance your pH level (to alkaline). Then you will see the results from juice cleansing, a healthier you!

I can't comment much because I'm not up for the bigger challenge yet. 1 day program is nothing compared to others who took up 3 or 5 days program. But then, I'm looking forward to it, probably next month (March). 

Upon ordering my juices, their friendly concierge will send a Preparation Guide (via email) to get customers ready for the cleanse with their helpful tips. I probably think it is very important. Why?

Because my guy has more toilet trips than me that cleansing day! *jealous* And he feels weak because we did not have any solid food for the whole day. And all he wants is to lie down on bed for comfy rather than going out of his room, seeing a table of delicious food his family cook/buy. But I'm okay for the whole day. Maybe I resist the food temptation easily when I'm at home. I'm still happily doing my photo-shoot props, watching tv. Few toilet trips. 

Confession: We didn't do a great job for preparation before the start. Because I'm so stupid to choose the week which Valentine's Day falls and also a last minute dinner date at his friend's house! Stupid stupid!

So how do we conclude this? Am I getting all the nutrients from the juices and my guy is not (due to his superb good bowel movement that day from solid to water)? Or is it his body unable to adapt to it (due to his 'carnivorous' food appetite)? But nevertheless, is our fault for not preparing well our body one week before the cleanse. 

'Don't you be the naughty one like us,
for not preparing your body well in advance,
for at least a week before your start.'

Okay!!! I suddenly remember. I think in the morning I had a normal temperature lemon water instead of warm. A cup of warm lemon water is to 'wake' your stomach up according to hic'Juice. I think that is quite important before we start our 1st bottle.

Enough of my lengthy post. Let me tell you which bottle of juice I like.

These are the 6 different juices I got for me and my guy: Popeye Smoothie, 4 Carats (my fav), Cool as a _, Lemon N' Spice, Kale Tales (my fav) and Nut Milk. 6 bottles a day, 2 hours gap per bottle. So spreading it up to our dinner/bed time. The most unbearable bottle for us both is Lemon N' Spice! Ouch... Spicy and sour!!! But we still finish up the whole bottle. For my fav two (4 Carats & Kale Tales), they taste sweet and smooth. Yummy! I'm going for this!!! 

Add: The juices come in glass bottles. Yes! So is recyclable (I superb go green one) so I intend to keep and use for other purposes which I think my guy will go crazy when we shift house. But I like the size. I will think of what I can do with it. OMG! Photography props again? Maybe....

And after every bottle, we have to drink 300ml of water (45 minutes later). Since we have that empty bottle, we actually drink 500ml of water (for convenience sake). Feel so bloated. I actually don't feel hungry from start but toward the last few bottles (about evening time 6-7pm), I really feel that hunger pang. My guy is experiencing that hunger much earlier than me. Hahahahah... Weak!

hic'Juice is actually so thoughtful to provide a Cleansing Journal (comes along with the juices, slot on the cooler bag provided) to see us through our cleanse. There is a piece of so-called checklist and I actually jot down our progress there with ticks on each box, whether complete or not the 'mission'.

I had so much fun with juice cleansing (esp seeing the reactions of my guy) and will continue next month for a proper one. Meanwhile, I think is better for me to prep my body well for a good cleanse. No play play anymore. 

If you wanna try, log on to their website. They have no physical store yet but follow them on Instagram @hicjuicesg for more updates because sometimes they make appearance at Pasarbella, like this coming weekend from 22-23 Feb 2014 from 11am onwards (to 7pm I think). They are selling half bottle (250ml from the usual 500ml) at $6/bottle. They are bringing 4 flavours: ABC, Kale Tales, 4 Carats and Lemon N' Spice! OMG my fav two are available. But then I'm not sure I can rush down because this Sat is my wedding photo-shoot and probably for the whole day. Hopefully can. 

If you are wondering where is Pasarbella, it is the former Turf City or now known as The Grandstand.

PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah
200 Turf Club Road 

Singapore 287994

Opening Hours
Stalls : 9.30am to 7pm
Restaurants: 10am to 10pm

So wanna find out more about juice cleansing or hic'Juice itself, read can find all the links in my last peekture (the cleansing journal) or the links that I left here and there in this post. 

Juicing a Healthier You! Come join the juicing bandwagon!