Wedding Bands

As promised, I shall upload some photos taken by myself for my wedding bands. For my close friends, they should have seen it on my Facebook page cover photo. I change as and when. 

If you think is good, give me a g+1 at the end of this post as an encouragement and blessing. *giggles* Not sure if you peeps think is good. But that's my virgin attempt to take misc stuff of my wedding.

My wedding bands from SK Jewellery Singapore.  

My guy a.k.a hub-to-b says it is good. Of course because is our wedding. But how about you peeps? Give me some comments.

All the above's inspiration comes from +Pinterest. I'm so into Pinterest that I always find inspiration there. 

Wait up for more. Still in the midst of getting inspired so as to come out with better works. 

Thank you peeps! Remember if you think is good or just wanna send your blessings/encouragement, click g+1 at the end of this post.