What is administrative work?

This post is meant for somebody in particular to read. Let mi tel u my concept of admin work and y I find it nt challengin. My job scope is as follows:
  • Check, reply or send emails everyday. Send reminders, requests etc. Shit!
  • Answer calls and listen to stupid nonsense from site staff which I m dragged into the situation witout knowin.... Damn! The phone nv stop ringing... I hate it! Everytime ask same question. Y my tech nv get OT pay la.. Y they gt deduction in their pay la... Y no hp allowance la... laundry allowance la.. etc... ASK THE PAYROLL LA! Wat r they for? Mi gt submit al e overtime claim is gd enuff.
  • Apply leave for site staff and if I forget to do so, they wil chase n ask y nv apply early n their leave become urgent leave instead. Most of e time, I write dw somewhere bt in e end forget where it is and oso when they apply leave in the mid mth, the Payroll closes the system for accounting purpose etc.
  • Submit their reservist notice, MC claims, transport claims, petty cash claims etc after my boss signed. Nv get their money, call mi n ask n nag. Wana refer them to the person in charge, they say I check for them wil do n cal them back. Bloody hell!
  • Submit memo and forms for new staff, resignee, promotion, warnin letter, training program etc. Gt doubts, HR wil come to mi e first. Resignee callin up for their pay etc. Nv get, cal mi again and ask y la.. tis n tat... Do I look like a Finance to them? Send them for training, keep buggin mi abt the status... So enthusiatic to study meh? Come on la... Every day kana bug.
  • Quotation is my baby. Die die gt 1 to 2 quotes everyday. N reach up to 20+ quotes in an afternoon for my record. Few mths bk, I did 20+ quotes in an hour plus time. 1 whole day, can amt more than tat. Do wrongly, come bk to mi. Nv get e quote, say I nv do when actually is done n fax. Chase mi for quotations when I m nt told to do any at al. Ask them call my executive, they r ok bt stil buggin mi whether contractors gt giv mi e quote anot. Change tis change tat. So frustrating. Nv giv a copy to site, they complain to my executive. K lor... I giv lor. In e end e quote rch their hand oso bcome useless cos e job is done n billed in e end. My executive always say I do quote v slow. Den wat u wan mi to do? Sometime gt other things come in last min for mi... Always say urgent quote la... Do fast la... U type la... I V SLOW IN TYPIN! Sack mi lor... Always push mi for quotations.
  • Billing enquiries has become my biz too. Clients who know mi will call up n ask y billed them tis when no job is bein done or double billing or PO no. wrong etc... I hv to apologise again n again... Some so fierce... If they nt our clients, I sure whack them upside dw n they nv noe y they die instantly... Call our AR la... Always call mi for wat? Isnt it more directly if they call up our Finance to us instead of goin tru mi n wait for my reply when sometimes I jus couldnt b bother to call back! Some even chase for our invoices to pay us lor... Slam alot of times my phone bcos of tat.
  • Mi, one person doin things for hw mani ppl? Previously was jus my boss n 2 execu. Nw one more stupid AVP, duno wat f*** he doin in e office... Always ask mi do stupid things... heard last time my boss gt 2 to 3 admin doin separate things. Nw lei???? Mi do everythin... F***! My 2 exec is gd enuff to help mi do some things... Sometimes I reali feel like resignin.. Nt bcos my boss is ok, I left long ago liao... Wonder hw I survive for 2 yrs... Mad lor.. I'm a mad person... Jus bcos I wan a nice workin exp track record, I stay n stay... If nt, hw to get a beta job when I get my diploma? Admin officer is jus a nice name... Rubbish collection centre is best describe of mi... Cos I do everytin. Coordinator for the rubbish collection centre.

Tell mi lor.. Is tis job challengin? Is jus doin everythin under the sun. Collect print out for boss also my job wor... Get coffee for my boss also my job wor... best rite? Tis call challengin isit? Hw u define challengin? My definition for challenging is doin somethin specialise n nt everythin under the sun. A job which dun nit u to do my administrative thingy. Jus v specialise job. I like to tink of ideas... Ideas tat can change sometin to wonder... Sometin tat can make u feel a sense of acheivement... U can challenge others wit yr ideas which wil turn out rite... Tis is tat kind of job tat I lookin forward to. Hapi????