Wonderin y stil gt tis kind of ppl exists in tis world? Promote him to supervisor frm a tech yet stil can find the pay nt enuff.. Den fine lor.. Go bk b a tech lor. Aiya.. Scare responsibility. Kaoz... Al tis ppl jus so lazy.. I dunwan to mention wat ppl is tat bt jus nt hapi abt it... Y mus e company pay u tat high when u dun even hv e exp as a Supervisor? If nt bcos ppl recommend, u tink e company wan to pay u tat price meh? Jus imagine e jump. A tech to a sup. Suppose to b Snr tech, den Asst Sup, den u rch Sup tis post.. Kaoz.. Duno hw to appreciate.. Wan to send him for e course to upgrade him den in e end til nw his form is nt back to miii yet... Kaoz rite? I tel u lor.. if he dun wan to take up tis post, I hv to submit email or memo for tis n tat la.. Kaoz.. Damn it.. Another prblm at e other site. Our gal complains tat one of their tech shouted at her for givin her work cos he nits to rest. Wat e f*** is tis? She told mi tat their lunch break is for 2 hrs lor.. Best rite? Durin tis time, cannot sms them la tis n tat. Then their off work time is 4pm. 1hr b4 their knock off time, she cannot ask them to do work cos they r preparin to go hm... Wat e f***? If for mi, I go dw sure F*** them upside dw... Company pay u to work till 4pm. Like tat minus their break time n so call prepare to go home time, is less than wat is suppose to b... Al tis ppl, reali damn lazii... Too much liao.. I tink I wil tel my boss instead of my execu. Cos my exec v soft one.. Like ah gua.. Kaoz.. Scold them warn them so mani times stil e same.. Means he v soft.. Lousy.. I tink I ask my boss one day go dw visit n lecture them for once.. Tats it... Had enuff.!!!! Our gal always complain to miii... I hear til my brain wan to burst... Always takin in al tis prblm... Bt jus spoken to my boss.. He says sometimes at site, gt tis thingy call favouritism goin on... So I oso duno hw to help le wor... He told mi to ask them write in to him n he wil get e tech to c him personally.. Kind of true la.. Listen to one person is nt enuff... Mus listen to another person den wil know e accuracy of the complaint. Aiya... duno la.. I m always in e middle.. Basket!!!! Y m I always bein drag into tis? I dunwan to bt ppl naturally drag mi into e picture... Kaoz la.. Sian sia... Stop al tis thingy b4 I get piss off n leave man....!!!