My to-do-list for Saturday 24 May 2008

Have to complete al tis mission in one mornin. Tink is impossible? C mii no up ar? I m Wonder Greenie k?

  • Go to the gym first thing in the morning at 8.30am as usual
  • Go to JE UOB Bank to cancel my existing debit card and apply for the new NOW Debit card which will be 9.30am onwards. Pray hard nt much ppl bt tat is impossible.
  • Go and buy my travel insurance at NTUC next building for my Taipei trip which is after my banking thingy.
  • Change a $100 for NT currency... Test market see hw is the rate nw... E rest leave it til tat day ba like wat my dearie say...
  • Update al my bank books, POSB and OCBC
  • Clear my credit card bill which I wil declare broke immediately
  • Go back home, bathe, rest, have my lunch and c if my dearie is mittin miii... If nt I wil go and slp!!! Hee...

Nt possible meh? Can de lor... I super fast in doin things if I wan to do... As I hate wastin time.. Bz wkend... Lookin forward!