How to Change a Nasty Habit

An article I read from the web which seems to hit mii directly. Showin u guys a portion of it.
''It could be a recurring argument with a loved one. It could be an uncomfortable run-in with a grocery clerk who eerily reminds you of someone, but you’re not sure who. It could be the overblown way you handle criticism or praise. It could be the way you get disappointed after you change your hair and your partner doesn’t notice. Whatever it is, you’ve probably got a list as long as I do of things you want to change.Being a better person is not something that happens overnight. The Gods don’t usually just flick fairy dust on you and “Poof!!” you’re instantly a saint, filled with compassion, wisdom, forbearance, and other highly evolved, divinely human traits. If you’re like me, stubborn to the core, whatever self-improvements you’ve made you’ve learned to wrangle them out of yourself using a fair degree of determination, repetition, and patience. We mortal cowboys & girls have to work on it. We have to want it. We have to ask for help when we need it. We have to believe that there is a better way, and trust that change is possible. Perhaps hardest of all, we have to be willing to mold ourselves into something better, and let the comfort of old bad habits die a natural death.''