Nw I believe...

Very superstitious with the word 'flu' n 'cold'. Basket.. Jus Saturday, I told my mum tat e vitamin tat my guy bought for miii is gd n I gt no flu for quite sometimes, immediately the flu came and attack mi again.. Basket! Saturday was okay... Sneeze jus a few times. So is Sunday... Bt tis mornin, like hell sia... N gt bits of soreness on the throat... Shit! Duno isit tat pineapple effect. Guess wat? I had 2 slices of pineapple and one watermelon juice.. Hee.. Wanted my menses to come early so tat I can go for hot spring next wk in Taiwan.. Arrgh.. Hopefully it comes early or exactly on e day... If nt I wil b so disappointed.. I dunwan to take any pills to delay it cos it definitely screw up my timing... Bt anyway, prayin hard tat I can hv a fun trip again next wk.. Throw my work to my guys at office.. Woohoo...


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