Lousy service @ Pizza Hut JEC

Last nite, went for dinner at PH wit my guy. Chose JEC cos near my hse. Kind of regretted or mayb it wil b e same in other PH restaurants. I was goin to spend away the e-voucher given for my bday. Let mi describe the service when we arrive at the restaurant.

  • Waited outside the restaurant for someone to serve us bt waited for quite some times
  • Al e servers gather at the counter and no one wan to come forward to acknowledge our presence
  • They did c us bt yet stil nv come forward until finally, tis gal came and direct us to our seat and tat is abt 5 to 10mins, mind u.
  • Bt, when she told us where our seat is, the table is not at cleared and she asked us to wait for awhile
  • Finally we r seated dw, and lookin tru the menu. We ordered and also hand tat e-voucher to the server
  • E manager came over. She said that e voucher is onli meant on the actual day of my bday. Wat e hell? E voucher itself says tat one month before and one month after my bday and there is expiry date too which is on 28 May 2008!
  • She kept pointin to mi tat 'Happy Birthday' word on the email copy... And say mus b on the actual day even after showin her my IC!!
  • Kind of piss off liao lor... Den after she read tru e email and my guy pointin out e expiry date, den she realise tat is her mistake...
  • My guy said tat the servers there look 'steam steam' kind. Seems like no mood to work n the way they talk is like draggin themselves to talk to customers... OMG!!!!
  • Even the manager herself is a blur one. I jus cant imagine hw she become a manager. I tink I can b a beta one than her sia... English duno hw to read ar! Kaoz... Shd b a Filipino cos e accent is jus like those few in my office...

So disappointed wit the service. Jus cant imagine lor... Though is almost goin to b their closin time ba bt tis is customer service. Pengz... I tink they nit to go for some training... I hate the sight where al of them gather at the counter duno doin wat and no one is initiative enuff to come n acknowledge our presence... Hate tat... I purposely look at them in e eyes yet no one came forward.. Terrible shit! I'm nt goin there for dinner anymore.. It sux... I rather call for delivery... I wan to shoot a complaint to Pizza Hut now!