Real Bad Day

Is almost end of the day, I m havin a slight chest discomfort. Today, my work nv stop. Calls nv end. Onli durin lunch time 1 hr, I can get away frm work. Onli when my sups came in after lunch, I manage to get out of office wit them for a tea break. Talkin away for at least 15mins... Back on my desk, calls again. Emails comin in again... Ppl chasin mi for e closin of last year invoices. Chasin for quotations. Tech callin up to say wan to resign. Early mornin, another tech report MC for two days n expect mi to send someone dw to cover at their site. I tink al tis is enuff... Enuff is enuff... One day 8 hrs even if I nv skive, is nt enuff. Cos I wil b interrupted by calls n ppl frm other divisions. Enuff is enuff...


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