I am just a lady

  1. who likes to have a cheap and good haircut which cost $12-$13 (found @ my neighbourhood)
  2. who likes watermelon juice and will make an effort to buy first thing in the mornin...
  3. who likes only LEVIS jeans and only wears LEVIS jeans...
  4. who likes only cheap thingy which cost less than $20
  5. who likes to travel and wants to travel as much as possible after this year...
  6. who likes to sleep and never wanna get out of bed without persistance
  7. who has a messy wardrobe and never wanna tidy up
  8. who has a messy room and never wanna make an effort to tidy up
  9. who likes instant noodles especially tom yum flavour
  10. who likes to have chic for meals and every food mus hv chic
  11. who likes to blog
  12. who likes to burp n fart everywhere she goes which gives her a sense of satisfaction
  13. who likes to skive
  14. who likes to procastinate
  15. who dun do hsework but onli upon request and sometimes without sayin
  16. who likes to cook mee goreng
  17. who likes rope skippin
  18. who hates ants for life n wil nv forgive ppl who attracts ants
  19. who have a crappy and cheeky bf
  20. who wants to live happily without much to worry