Price Sensitive

So the canteen at my workplace has  a not very dramatic change.

But the food price increased by 10cts to probably up to 50cts since Monday 2 June 2014, if I'm not wrong. Not a lot but being a miser, I feel the pinch. Pardon me for that.

Ban Mian
A decent bowl of Ban Mian
Usual price: $2.20  
Now: $2.50  
Difference: $0.30

Still cheaper than outside though. In this bowl, I added extra vegetables so 50cts more. 

Beehoon w 1 side
A decent plate of beehoon with 1 side (hashbrown).
Usual price: $0.85
Now: $1.10
Difference: $0.25
Portion is still generous. Taste still remains.

I wonder how much for this plate of Mixed Rice & Vegetables from the Indian stall. But then the pricing is the same across the board if price increase. 

Quite sad. Though you may think this is nothing compare to those outside food court/hawker centre. But then to me, it has been removed from my list of cheapest food place.

Okay lah. I shall stop whining over this. So absurd right? K I shut!

Add: Okay lah... I heard that they haven't been increasing the price at the canteens across the campus for 7 years. That's long. Really better than outside where they anyhow increase price as they like. So I shall stop whining over it. GET OVER IT STELLA!