Food Review | Buddy Hoagies [CLOSED]

Well... if you read my post on I HEART My Friends, you should know about this cafe Buddy Hoagies. I'm back again for the 2nd time and this time w my hub. He is curious and wanting to try after seeing my photos of black pepper steak at Buddy Hoagies. And it is conveniently near our place.

I'm just gonna do like an add-on review from my previous post mentioned above.

I had Rosti and Sausage ($10.90) all on my own. Just wanting to get the right taste of rosti and then probably I can do it myself at home. 

My hub ordered a Sirloin Steak ($13.90) medium well. He is definitely quite looking forward to it but then hopefully it doesn't disappoint him. Cos he is quite particular with food. A better food taster than me. Boo...! I'm lousy.

Upgrade to a set meal at $4.50 which comes with a Soup of the Day, a drink and ice-cream. 

Took Minestrone and Mushroom Soup, Ice-tea and Rum Raisins.

Mushroom soup was good. And so is Minestrone. Mediocre taste though. My hub said is basically like Campbell soup. Well...

So this is the hub's Sirloin Steak. I had a taste of it and it was good. Tender meat along with the taste sauce they have here. However, it took him a while to slice away the muscles of the meat and left with just like half the piece that is meant to consume. Sad right? Like he said, it is the price you pay for the quality of food. We had better ones before that is pricey but taste really damn good. So now, don't be cheapskate. Lesson learnt.

Here comes Rum n Raisins. One word, NICE! Let me finish that 2 tubs of ice cream at home and grab a tub of Rum n Raisins. Soon.

Overall, the price is reasonable and I'll still come back for others in their menu despite some are not very favourable.

They have a variety to choose from their menu like sandwiches, rosti, baked rice, pasta, pizzas, seafood, desserts, salads, milk shakes, smoothies, beers and many more. 

Enjoy your meal at Buddy Hoagies. 

Buddy Hoagies
Nee Soon South Community Club
30 Yishun Street 81
Singapore 768455
Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm Daily
Click for Buddy Hoagies Website