Culinary | Less Kitchen Affairs this week!

Should be last week (cos I'm blogging now on a Mon). It hasn't been easy because my dad's chronic coughing is BLOODY FINDING ITS WAY BACK and causing him to pant with every step. Even private doctor has no other ways than referring him to hospital. What is happening to him? We don't know. Not a single doctor can figure out and always put him to tests/screenings and all that makes him losing appetite and weight. Feels weaker in the sense. WTF! I just can't believe it! 

Never mind on that. I just know it's coming again. But chill. Keep cool.

Friday night, call back home to ask how is he. Still cough. Still pant. But he is at home and not outside. So still fine. Just worry if anything happens when he goes to work while panting with every step. 

That night, I did a non-bake Blueberry Cheesecake which was luckily a success. If not, I'm seriously a noobshit! Bought that pre-mix by Betty Crocker at Cold Storage. At first I procrastinated. Cos I'm scared it will not succeed. But then after days, I just do it! On a Friday night.

All I need is 90g of melted butter and 400ml of whole milk. And of course my stand mixer. But then because I have 125g of butter leftover from my Butter cake baking so I just use all. And I use HL milk instead. And it turns out just as great! Woohoo...

This biscuit crumbs mixed with my melted butter. This is just how it should look like dude!

Press evenly on the aluminum tin as shown above. And then put it in the fridge for 15 mins. 

Next is prep the pudding mix with milk. Sieve the pudding mix into my mixer bowl.

Pour in the milk and get ready to mix and beat.

Beat at low speed till it becomes creamy or fluffy.

And then beat it at medium speed for 2 mins till it becomes like this.

Once 15 mins of chilling is up, take out the tin and top it with the cream above. 

And then is time to chill for 2 hours before you decorate with the blueberry toppings.

After 2 hours is blueberry topping! Finally. The cheesecake is done. After topping it with blueberry mix, I let it chill till the next morning.

Superb nice! My hub who is not a sweet tooth likes it. I think is good too. I brought some for my family too as I think I won't be able to finish that fast if I'm the only person having it. My hub is not helping at all.

Then in the evening on a Sat, I cooked again fried rice. I think I'm expert in that already. How many times have I cook fried rice? Hahahahah... My mum will be proud of me because I'm not a good cook or don't cook at all back at home. Excuse me. I can learnt things fast if that is something I'm interested in. Not bad right? But I can forget things even more easily too. That's bad! 

Anyway the ingredients are almost the same. Luncheon meat, peas and egg. Bravo. I also wonder why my peas is not finishing yet. Such a bloody big pack. But I love it. I love fried rice that has fishcake or luncheon meat. Sauces I used are fish sauce, sweet sauce, dark soya sauce, Kikkoman, sesame oil and pepper. Mix it to your preferred taste. I'm awesome! Because I got one awesome hub who is a great cook to learn from. 

I fried the balance of samosa in the fridge before it gets even worse with the fridge smell/taste after putting for so long. Anyway I put a pinch of salt to the oil just to prevent such smell/taste. 

And the soup is tabao from his house.

As for Sunday, we had Laksa Fried Noodles. Initially we wanted to cook Laksa Fried Rice but then since we had rice on Sat so decided to change. My favourite brand of pre-mix sauce Prima Taste! I bought their Hainanese Chicken Rice sauce many times. This round we explored their Laksa Fried Rice Sauce! Be creative right?

Did you spot my kitchen staples? Yes yes... The garlic and onion. Woohoo... This fried noodles is of our own style. I decided to add luncheon meat because le hub kept nagging that it will have fridge smell/taste. SHUT THE FARK UP WITH YOUR FRIDGE SMELL/TASTE! 

I was contemplating whether to use that laksa mee (white in colour) or yellow mee but end up with the latter. Beansprouts. WTF! Le hub wants some veggie in it so here it is.

Learnt how to cook beansprouts too. So easy ya. Noobshit here speaking. I used oil, garlic and dump the beansprouts in and cook in medium fire. Added some chicken broth and let is stew for awhile in low fire. Then when it is almost done, turn to high fire and cook till not so damp. Great. I wish there is some fishcake or salted fish in it. That's how I see my mum cook. I shall do it the next round on my own. No problem dude!

Here is the end product. I got this tip from le hub on noodles, that I shouldn't wash the yellow mee as it will bloat up. Instead I should just mix with olive oil so that it will not stick together. And then I realize it actually reduces a little on that yellow mee smell. Not bad! Good tips Chef!

So that ends the week. Superb no morale with le dad in this condition. Can you imagine one day your mum called up early in the morning to ask you take urgent leave to accompany le dad to see doc because coughing gets worse while le mum has diarrhea? EXCUSE ME! WTF is going on in that house? My bro went for his 9 days trip in Perth and I'm the only one left. OMG PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME SUCH HEART ATTACK ANYMORE! 

So people. Don't be blinded by your own personal stuff and forget that your parents are still around and as age catches up, they become fragile and weak! Sickness will creep in unknowingly. By the time you know, they may be at their worst stage or probably, GOOD BYE!
Chill... And bye!