Culinary | I Prep, I Cook, We Eat... goes on!

Here is another week of my series of 'I Prep, I Cook, We Eat'. Superb duper lack of creativity towards my post title. Well... Who cares? But I have to emphasize that some cooking here is done by my Chef Master Hub so something is not right w the title right? Let me brainstorm for better titles.
It is good to have us staying at home over the weekend and cook up a storm, plus mess up the kitchen. Picking up tips from my Master Chef Hub! I think I learn things fast.
If learning something of my interest, I definitely absorb fast like a baby. My interest will be more on photography which many knows, and cooking + baking. I think I don't have to repeat on why for the latter. So let me just show you peeps what I/we did over the week.

On a Wednesday evening, the Hub reached home before me thus cooked us both his version of fried rice.


- Hotdog
- Peas
- Eggs
- Garlic, Oil, Sauces (unknown)


- Popcorn chicken

Verdict: Superb tasty and fragrance. 

On a Friday night, I have no idea what I wanted to have for dinner and I don't feel like having takeaway food. So I came back and fry some gyoza that I bought for supermarket. Using my Happy Call pan, so convenience for me. 

A little oil and that's all you need. But please defroze first. Then when it is brown on the bottom (pleats up), add some water and cover it to let it steam for minutes. And that's it.

Verdict: The gyoza pleats is hard (probably not cook properly) and gonna steam probably longer. But it is nice. I'm gonna have all on my own.

The Hub came back that night and cook his all-time favourite Dry Instant Noodles. Superb yummy. And I airfry some hotdog and hashbrowns to go along.

On a nice Saturday morning, we had Prata for breakfast. Pre-packed prata with egg. Yummy! Lack of curry nia.

I whip up a simple Fried Beehoon with fishcakes and eggs for lunch. Got improvement okay? Approved by Chef Master Hub. He was standing near me to see how I cook. Damn it! So stress. No dinner on Saturday as we head back to his house for dinner.

Steam up the pre-packed Har Gow and Siew Mai for breakfast on a Sun. Eating light. Using my Happy Call Pot and steamer, it goes well and nicely cooked. Yummy! I love to have more of it! Kind of miss Dim Sum.

Oh hi to my Philips Airfryer! While the hub went back to nap after breakfast, I decided to do my Nutella Cupcakes again. I bought the silicon cups from Daiso and love them to bits. With an airfryer, it makes every household so convenience. At least for now I have got no oven to bake but this airfryer can do the job as well.

The appearance doesn't look good but then I can be assure that it tastes better than my 1st time. Probably because of the heat or maybe the eggs not in room temperature. If it is, I shall put a portion of eggs in the fridge and some on the outside for my baking purpose.

What's cooking? Our lunch and dinner for Sun was porridge. Plus long beans. And luncheon fries. I can have luncheon fries everyday also won't sick of it!

The hub cooks! Naise and tasty. I prep the long beans and soak the dry shrimps. He likes spicy. So everything must be have chilli. So you see that chopped chilli padi in this dish.

I prep and fry the luncheon meat. In fries version. Next round I shall use airfryer to do it. Save oil and much healthier, although sodium consumption is quite a lot with luncheon meat. Eat in moderation.

So this is my week of 'I Prep, I Cook, We Eat'. Not much of my masterpiece. Yes I'm probably useless now but then you never know what boiling behind. Fast learner I am.