Culinary | I Prep, I Cook, We Eat????

Here I am. Back with another entry of my cooking at home. Should I name it 'I Prep, I Cook, We Eat' so that it engraves in your mind that 'Hey this Stella is cooking again!'. Can or not? Leave you comments with a Yes or No at the end of this post. If nobody comment, then.... I go ahead and use it. No care!

Ever since we got that Philips Airfryer, it has been so handy that we seriously can't leave without it. First you don't need to do much by just throwing in your food and airfry it at your preferred/recommended temp and time. No oil or anything is required. Part of it is healthy of course but then it is still fried food. A healthy version of fried food. And I cut short the time of cleaning up too. And you can bake with your airfryer too. So bravo to this invention. I love you!

1st stop. This is done by my hub. Superb duper simple. 

On the table:
  • Airfried hashbrowns. 
  • Fried Mushroom Omelette. 
  • Large bowl of rice for each of us.

2nd stop. Our weekend lunch/dinner. Chicken Rice feast.

On the table:
  • Fried black pepper chicken wings
  • Vegetables
  • Sliced cucumbers
  • Home-cooked chicken rice
Got all the tips from my Chef Master, which is.... MY HUB! And happily I done deal with this meal. Easy!

3rd. Dinner time and had a real plain porridge/congee with Hot & Spicy Spam. That spam really spice up your taste bud. I like! My friend commented why my congee look like rice. Of course look like rice lah if not where do you think porridge/congee come from. Except that I didn't have much patience in waiting and adding more water into it. Got further tips from my Chef Master so just wait. Oh by the way, I used Basmati Rice instead of normal rice. Not very water absorbent so Chef Master said must keep adding water to it. Best will be grind it before putting to cook. 

4th. French Toast for breakfast. Hub is out for work on a Sat so I did this for myself although I had only 2 slices. Accompanied with a cup of HL milk. Awesome!

All I did was mix milk, 2 eggs and brown sugar. Dip the bread and fry.

5th. Same day's lunch. 

On the table:
  • Sunny side-up in black soya sauce.
  • Leftover french toasts
  • Vegetables 
  • Baked beans with sausages
Got tips again from the Chef Master for a better sunny side-up. Shall do it again BITCH!

6th. My hub's creation of Egg Prata. Pre-packed prata with egg. Confirm different from outside version of Egg Prata. Of course la. Ppl do it from dough form. Ours is already in the prata form. Where got same? This is quite good liao. Shall try one day doing the dough from scratch.

So how much of wifey points I gain this time round? Sure got improvement right? Got 2 is done by the hub and the rest by me. With guidance from him. I will graduate soon. Give me 3 months.

You see I loving cooking but I don't cook well. I love messing the kitchen but I don't like cleaning up.

What's up dude? Stay tune for more of my 'I Prep, I Cook, We Eat'. Self-declared title for my cooking diary.