Culinary | Kitchen Staples?

I guess many know what is Fashion Staples. 

Fashion Staples are versatile items that you wear, which can never go out of style, can wear many time and in many different ways. What is yours? Mine will probably be my Uniqlo Legging jeans in black. It goes well with any tops. 

So is a must have for me. But what about Kitchen Staples?

Recently due to my interest in cooking, I learnt quite a bit from my husband who is damn talented in whipping up his own meal. Damn it! And from there, I realize there is such thing as Kitchen Staples. Let me show you mine which definitely never go wrong when you cook.

Very basic condiments right? It makes wonder to your food. So I call it my Kitchen Staples. Restocking it as and when it finishes. Don't need to buy those traditional pieces of garlic, onion, shallot or whatsoever. Using this is good enough. Although some might say I'm cheating (not cooking it from scratch) but then in this era, almost 9 hours each day for 5 days are spent at work, earning a bacon. 1-2 hours of travelling to your work destination or probably 3 hours for to and fro your home and work. Haven't minus the chores waiting for you to get it done, sleeping hours now probably 6-7 hours is heaven already. Can't ask for 8-9 hours. That's a privilege if you live in Singapore. For me, I have to squeeze everything that I need to get or do during my lunch hours because the journey to and fro is very tiring. 1-1.5 hours for me to reach my work place. Superb sian. 

Hey! Why am I grumbling over this when I'm supposed to write about my new finds of Kitchen Staples? So let me continue.

Another one will be my dearest +Philips Airfryer. Really my dearest. When I'm so lazy to cook, this airfryer is there to settle all our meals without making my kitchen greasy. And at this point where I don't have a baking oven yet, it helps and motivates me in baking by giving me the results of my baking work. You peeps saw it in my other posts right? So tell me how to live without an Airfryer? Totally cannot. It's a saviour in any household. Love you my dear Philips Airfryer.

Not to forget, a tray of eggs. You need that for both cooking and baking. And when you run out of idea what to cook, beat it and fried an omelette (mixed with ingredients or plain), sunny side-up, scrambled egg, hard/soft-boiled egg or steamed egg. Anything else you can think of with egg? Be creative and think hard, see what else we can do it with egg. For me, it is so important. So damn bloody important. Be it for taste, colour or add on to your meal, IT IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT TO ME!

And then I got hook into ordering my groceries from Giant Online and it is superb convenience when you don't feel like carrying heavy stuff like rice, oil and so on. Since we move in, this has become a habit esp to my hub. I do still go to market and buy some stuff because you need some fresh poultry and sort. The lazy bug in me just creep in unknowingly with all these convenience. Ok lah.. U still have to pay for delivery fees like $7 or $12. But then think back, I don't have to carry so many stuff on my own like aunties, banging on others, chopping the bus seat with my purchases. Yucky! And is heavy. And I have to either walk or take a bus. Superb inconvenience. So I have ordered online for quite a few times and is reliable. So do try if you haven't.

And for cooking noobs like me, create your own kitchen staples or whatever you feel that you can't live without when cooking/baking.