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First of all, I have to emphasize that I'm an ordinary girl. I actually don't dress up myself very well. I just want to be in comfort that I don't really bother about my color coordinate. Thus I will always look weird. Sometimes I quite conscious but also not very color coordinate still. I think it all depends on occasions. Probably I can blog about my #OOTD to show you peeps.

And I don't really have that full set of beauty regime and I don't usually wanna write because I'm not some beauty blogger. Typically, I'm that lazy woman in this phrase, '世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人. I wasn't being bothered by that even when I was a famous Pimple Queen since Secondary 3. Tried different pimple/acne creams, see doctors at Polyclinics, tried different facial cleansers, old traditional ways like using cucumbers to minimize inflammation, apply egg whites like facial mask and using Hazeline Snow 雪花糕.

So if you people used it before, this is how it looks in the earlier years. My mum will buy it and once a while I will apply it when my face is in disaster. I'm still in such crisis though in my 33 years but those terrible pimples/acnes days are over. Now it is just popping out pimples on forehead or on my temple or cheeks, one or two. And if I never remember wrongly, the only supplement I bought (when I have spare money) is Evening Primrose Oil from Kordel brand. I can't be sure who recommended me or probably I read some article that says it is good for skin (my face). That's more of facial part.

Then after a trip to Bintan with my friends like superb many year ago, my skin (legs and hands) came back with lots of red rashes and it follows me until I married. So is disgusting to look at my hands with those dry and red patches aka rashes back then and I seriously feel being plagued by a terrible skin disease. That has even made me feel more inferior about my overall appearance and also reducing my self-confidence to zero. And when I come back from cold countries, that red rashes/patches come back and haunt me for days before it is gone. That's more of my body.


Since I stepped into the working society, I didn't do much because I'm so ugly already. But sometimes I still apply pimple cream and still cleanse my face without applying anything after that. And just head out. For hair care, I used to moisturize my hair religiously esp after rebonding thus for sometimes, my hair is long and smooth.

Since I met my then-boyfriend (now-husband), he recommended me to use Olay products for my dry face. Initially, I tend to forget because not used to it. Then subsequently it becomes a routine even till now. As compared to the past me, it has somehow improved and obvious when I put on makeup. Last time I used to have dry patch/flakiness on my face when applying makeup powder/foundation. Now is smooth, till now. So happy. Thank him for his recommendation. Once awhile (if I remember), I apply a facial mask. And I don't know is it because of age catching up or what, my hair is in crisis. Hair loss increase tremendously and dry. Boohoo... I hate it! I haven't find the right remedy even till now.

After I got married this year (2014), I still continue what I do for the past 6 years. But upgraded to few more routines. I started to apply body lotion on my hands and legs after bathing, and also night cream/moisturizer before I sleep. Know why I do that? Because in the past 33 years, I sleep with a standing fan. After married, my new house is fully air-conditioned and so I am sleeping in air-conditioned bedroom. I'm so scared of dryness. And do you know that after I'm married, my body skin is still having mild red rashes/patches that itch once awhile and after I started the routine on body lotion application, it disappeared after days. That means I can conclude that my skin is dry till max after all these years of wondering what the cause is.

And I will wear a pair of knee socks to sleep. Either I read an article or tv show/advert that is good to wear socks to sleep so that the legs won't get chill and affect our sleep or health. Can't remember clearly but since then, me and my mum will wear socks to sleep. During our dating days, I wear Scholl Compression stockings and it did helped to soothe my calves after lots of walking/running. Read my past post on this stockings before? Click here if you want to read. Recently bought a new pair after 1-2 years since my 1st pair.

I chose a night cream/moisturizer from Olay since I have been using their product for years. It is a shield on my face against that air-con. Yes... we have a standing fan in our room like after few months living in the house which is because I want to save money on electricity. Not because for the benefit of my skin. Contradicting me here. But the only time we turn on the air-con is when we sleep at night. Other times, is that ceiling fan in the living room or hanging around with no air flow. We don't open windows because is very dusty and some more renovations are still going on at other units of our block or others near us.

Also because of my wedding, we found a fantastic cordial that aids in my skin improvement. I think it actually did help because my mum told me that my uncle bought that cordial to drink too and his pigmentation gradually gone from all the drinking of this cordial. Wow... so my husband and I are hooked to this cordial till now and I personally decided that no more soft drinks in our house except 100 Plus (for our after exercise fluid replenishment) and that will be meant to serve guest to our house too. Seriously after I up all these after-marriage routines, I love my body more because is smoother and no more dry patches/flakiness. Thank you Sunkist! Your Orange Cordial is an awesome product. I can adjust the level of sweetness according to my taste. Husband doesn't like sweet stuff so I have to be in balance.

Oh and after I know him, I started to take supplements. Not that I'm unhealthy, but I got this sinus problem and have plagued me for many years. So he told me to take Vitamin C supplement (because I always never have enough fruits intake everyday). For 6 years, my flu frequency has decreased a lot and the most is once a month a terrible 1 week of flu or few months once. I must admit that I still hasn't been taking enough vegetables/fruits intake even after started on supplements. It is my saviour for the past 6 years so I continue. And even recommend my dad to take since his sickness has caused his immune system to turn bad and once he caught a flu, his coughing starts and never end. I'm very troubled by his sickness for 1 year plus and I don't really wish to talk about it even with my friends and just hope everything will be done and over by this year. Praying damn hard.


I always wonder why my friends always like to talk about their kids falling sick & all which turns me off esp in that chat group. So I mute the chat group for a year (finally they have this option). I don't have kids now so maybe I can't feel like them but then the person now who fall sick is my dad but I never talk about it. To me, it is something personal and already no mood to talk about it. So even next time if I have kids and they fall sick, I won't talk about it. Because the concerns, care and soothing words are always the same and no words can overcome that worries and fear in them. Nothing can soothe. At least to me. Just like a breakup. Others tell you that you will find a better one in future but at that period of time, no words can get in their mind. All they do is cry and get sad. Okay lah. Maybe I'm the last to get marry in the group so a bit far off from their conversation. But then the advantage is I absorbed their experiences and info very fast. So no worries. And I read a lot of articles and joined groups/forums. Thus info and knowledge will be continuously feed in. Remember I'm a fast learner. And they may say that next time I will experience what they have been thru (like always stick to kids and family) and won't wanna come out for gatherings. EXCUSE ME! I am already now when I don't have kids and always, I just wanna head home the fastest I can after work instead of staying out, even for shopping or whatsoever. Too lazy to meet friends. Just want to spend time on my own or with my husband. YOU SEE LAH! Don't need to wait until got kids. To be even mean, probably we are of different league. I hang out the most with one friend for drinking, for few hours also happy. Then scramble back home.



Olay Product(s)

The longest product that I used since I dated this man in year 2008 is the one on the left, Olay Total Effects. I remember the first time I used, it doesn't have this BB creme/touch of foundation. Or probably I choose the most simplest one (because is cheaper). I'm comfortable with this since then and using this in the morning before I head out for work. Since it has helped improving my skin from dry to normal, why not? Although it doesn't prevent my pimples from popping out still. I still believe in adjusting your body constitution (from internal to external) so like my husband said, if application on the external doesn't work, then we have to work from internal like drinking herbal tea/soup, taking oral supplement, more fruits and water, and adjusting your lifestyle. Have ample sleep and exercise.

For the middle one which is my latest addiction for a month, Olay Regenerist Revitalising Night Cream. Bought it at promotion price and totally suits my need in the night. I usually apply after bathing at night before sleep. Like I say, my face is ALREADY PIECE OF SHIT and I don't want the air-con to further stir shit to my poor face.

Last one, Olay Regenerist Revitalising Serum. That's one which my husband used and I think they change the packaging. Used to be in silver/grey bottle. It seems like the expensive one among those I used. Idiot right? He really knows how to pick. I still wonder who recommend him this. WHICH WOMAN??? Mehh....

Guess it is always good to have 2 different creams for day and night for different effects. I will not stop at any expense so long the air-con exists.

Well... we will continue with this range of Olay products. I still can't find one for my pimples. Any recommendations or trial products?

Vaseline Product(s)

So I have been using it religiously day and night after shower. The Cocoa Radiant is my current use but I don't really like it because it has this stickiness feel after application, though smell is good. The previous one was good. I'm seriously waiting to use that Total Moisture Nourishing. If it fails again (on stickiness part), I will faithfully use back my first bottle.

I apply it to my whole body and main focus on butt and sides of underarm. The reason for the latter is because that area used to itch and bits of rashes. But now, VOILA... all gone. Smooth and no itch anymore although the scars remain. Never mind that. So my advice is apply now than never. I guess is never too late to start this regime because at least for me, it is my saviour!

Esp after a body scrub, I will apply it properly and wear my knee socks immediately to 'lock' the moisture. Clever. I'm sorry to be a slow and outdated woman but at least I do the basics of the basics yo...

Dove Product(s)

Come across this when we were still dating and one weekend, was bathing at his house. Tried it out and love it. You know it doesn't leave you that layer of moist which how much of water won't wash it away. Seems like you never bathe properly or clean. This one leaves your skin smooth and supple plus nice aromatic smell. Love it so I bought this and insist I want this to be part of a bathroom staple (since I'm the purchaser of our house thingy).

I believe somehow it aids in moisturizing. I once read an article and it says that body scrubbing somehow is drying our skin (correct me if I'm wrong) so whenever I do a body scrub once or twice a week, I will pump a little shower foam to apply over my body and wash before ending that long shower. Okay my logic here is, scrubbing dirts away, dry your skin, to make up for the loss of moisture, I do a so-called double wash with shower foam to 'replenish' the moist. Get it?

Not sure if this is correct but have been doing for the past 6 months so please correct me by leaving comments after this post.

Bodyshop Product(s)

Oh hi... this is the scrub I used for many years. Oops... I forget that I actually do scrub last time. But once a while if I find the time to do so. Now I make sure doing once every week. I love the smell so much. Imagine coming out of the bathroom smelling like strawberry. How alluring. I usually use between these 2 flavours. Love strawberry more. Try it! I'm also use their exfoliating gloves too.

Sunquick Product(s)

How did this Sunquick get into our life? It all begins on the day of my betrothal day in May 2014. My mum bought it as part of the return of gifts to the male side. 2 bottles and my husband said don't know if we will drink it since he is not a sweet taker. But then he is the one to first get hooked before me. They have other mix flavours like mango, peach and so on. Love drinking this and has been our thirst quencher everyday. We will mix in a big bottle and chill in the fridge. Why not?

The cheapest I can find is at NTUC at $6.50, Giant at $7.20. We can finish a bottle of this cordial in 2 weeks, which means about 2 bottles a month. And if it really indirectly improves my skin, I don't mind drinking till eternity. Additional dosage for Vitamin C intake in a much fun and relax way.

Shaklee/Greenlife Product(s)

I don't want to scare you people with my supplements which includes those of my husband. After knowing him, I'm like a supplement gal esp on Vitamin C because he knows of my sinus from start. I got this running nose condition the moment I wake up and sneeze after that in the morning. Sometimes is one whole day, night time not spared at all too. Worst, it can last me a week plus. Mild or at my worst, I can feel that nose gonna dropped anytime. This is how terrible I am during that period and my mum simply can't stand my sneezing everyday at home. Sometimes, panadol doesn't cure. This is how bad I am.

Initially, he bought me Ocean Health brand's Antioxidant formula. Then he 'upgraded' me to Shaklee's Vitamin C that changed my life. My saviour too. Imagine now, I 'm not sniffing always from the moment I wake up till I sleep. But once a while it will give me a 1 shot of terror for a week. Husband said it is like a overhauling process. I seldom fall sick, except maybe headache or stomachache once awhile. I realize that fever haunt me like once in 1 or 2 years. So not so bad. I'm still good. Can run a half marathon, can walk long distance, can skip can swim can everything. BMI at healthy range. But most importantly I am saved by Vitamin C.

And yes... Vitamin E-400 from Greenlife is mainly for my skin. Wow... can you see that lots of aids to my skin improvement and I feel more secure right now.


Sometimes I feel that we not just rely on our body constitution to be healthy because our everyday intake is unpredictable. Do you exercise everyday? Some yes but some no. As working professionals, I know no excuses but then you can't control. Do you actually be particular about what you eat everyday? Yes... maybe you choose what you eat but you have no idea how much of nutrients you take in every meal. So sometimes supplements are needed to aid your deficit. Not too many but those important to your health if you have problems like me in sinus. Correct me if I'm wrong because all the above are based on my experience and I'm still alive and kicking.

I saw lots of shows that sees people who live a healthy lifestyle, no smoke or drink, eat healthy and exercise regularly but down with cancer. Why is life so unfair? So live our life to fullest and have everything in balance. Like this Chinese saying, 'Rubbish Eat, Rubbish Grow'. No need to explain more. I don't enjoy the luxury of anything from young but I'm good still now.

For now, I'm still researching on the best remedy for my neck lines that obviously now, revealing my real age. And my wrinkles on the side of my eyes. Lastly my hair. Probably when I found the suitable remedy for myself, I shall share again. This is a rare post that I actually share all these stuff which is so not me. Or probably I can also share my slimming experience, although I have put back that 5 kg after a year. Boohoo... till then, thank you for bearing with my lengthy post my dear loyal readers of this blog.

Disclaimer: It suits me based on my own experience but not everyone. Just a sharing post. You will find something that suits you one day. Don't follow blindly.