Culinary | Home Cook's Journal II

So my rice cooker die on me after my Chicken Rice is cooked. At least it didn't die on me half way through when the rice is cooking. And now finally got a new one that is much more expensive with more functions like steam, bake and etc.

Whatever. Bought it home to test. Both of us trying to figure out how to use it till midnight. A cup of rice put to cook. In the end, we figured out. But rice is too soggy for the following day's fried rice dinner. Damn it. Just cook lah!

4 November 2014

Mix the rice with pepper. Ingredients like handful of peas, 3 eggs and 2 slices of ham. That's all. Whatever we can use in the kitchen.

In my attempts to cook fried rice, this is the 2nd time I had it cooked that soggy. Soggy and lumpy. Can't help. Next round of rice cooking, try lesser water. Hey not that I don't know how to cook the simplest rice but still trying to get the hang of this rice cooker. Thanks to digital! Mehh....

8 Nov 2014

1) Omelette
2) French beans w spiced pork cubes
3) Mushroom potate soup (Campbell soup)

It should be even simpler in fried rice form but then the rice is still soggy. Boo.... So we had it the normal way.

This is husband's recipe: minced onion, abalone sauce, light soya sauce. Different as compared to the usual light soya sauce and pepper. And it tastes good. Can't name it as Onion Omelette actually but then the taste is there, of course. He likes it and calls it innovative. wtf!

The spiced pork cubes is canned food (and I'm still in the midst of clearing those canned processed food). So decided to mix with the french beans. V appetizing and not much of oil is used because the pork cubes itself as oil on its own. Onion and garlic. That's all I put into it for tasting. He said the pork cubes were salty but I don't really find it though. Just nice. And he told me not to buy french beans in future because it needed longer time to cook. He tasted some uncooked ones. Boo..... okay then. Long beans.

So he decided to eat the Chinese way (bowl and chopsticks). He said need to change once awhile. When did he become so wanting to be creative and innovative? I really don't know. And tadaa... our dinner on Sat night. Seriously, 5 days of outside/takeaway food is unhealthy much though is up to us to choose whether to eat healthy/clean or not. Home-cooked food on weekends, to me it does help a bit but not enough. I realize I really love cooking and love learning from the husband. 

9 Nov 2014

Menu: Yong Tau Foo Soup

No. I'm not gonna further drain myself after a half marathon in the morning. So I have already pre-planned my menu which has to be hassle-free and easy. But it doesn't seems to be any easy.

The ingredients above. Plus whatever is available in the fridge (for clearing purpose) like hotdogs. Like this is gonna be just for me and him so I just do it in my own way. Right? Put whatever I fancy.

The stock pouch contained white pepper corns, soya beans and ikan bilis. I wanted to buy dry shrimps. Will it be weird? But it did good to my ABC soup you know? But never put lah. Just wanna try with these for some incredible results. Oh ya... I went Daiso to buy 2 packs of stock pouch. Smaller version is useful for me if I need to brew herbal tea. My mum said so. So now I have diff sizes and no worries anymore.

I threw in all the ingredients into the pot. It wasn't the right thing to do after some realization when the soup is boiling. The ingredients were overcooked and not fresh and tasty anymore. And that stupid husband intervened after I realized. Idiot! Never mind. A better next time. 

Well... This is the first time I bought tofu on my own and cut till so nice. I'm good huh? I like it. I never knew I can do thing well until I started to learn cooking. Feed me more of your skills my dear husband. My friend once told me during our Melbourne trip that she will cut long beans to equal length. I think because we have one bean dish and the length of the long beans differ. Hmm... learning on that too. I guess this will help in enhancing the appearance/presentation of the dish. 

This is the deceiving pot of yong tau foo soup. Before disaster comes, the looks of it was fantastic. At least for me. But after that, it is terribly ruined from top to bottom. I think the soup taste is good enough, however with the husband of a heavier taste bud, he continued to put pepper and salt till he satisfied. I don't get it. RUINED! The soup is not crystal clear anymore. He added ikan bilis (without washing). Looks disgusting. No peektures on that. Spoilt my appetite. Oh ya and I love BoBo fishballs. Superb nice. Although after being cooked in the soup for so long and the appearance turns brown, the inside is still good. That springy feel.


Now aside from all my cookings (just in case you peeps get bored), here's some of my feedings in the weekdays, lunch or dinner.

Breakfast on one of those days. $2.40 seems to be very ex when an additional fish fillet. This stall always charge so ex though compared to outside, it is still cheaper. But what's worth or not, I can determine by now. Okay lah. Their chilli and ikan bilis were good. Give them my 2cents worth.

Tandoori Chicken Salad for lunch with a hot chocolate on a rainy day. I was on course for 2 days and since it is pouring outside, I decided to stay indoor to finish up the book during that lunch hour. Eating clean. Once awhile.

A comparison of Starbucks and Spinelli's Hot Chocolate:

Starbucks: $5.60 Tall size (no bubbles with clear surface)
Spinelli: $3.60 Small size (bubbly hot chocolate)

Which do I prefer? Probably Starbucks. Every sip from both stores' hot chocolate almost the same but I just don't like bubbles to begin with although it takes me to stir it well before disappearing. So only once awhile for Spinelli's hot chocolate.

Udang Penyet for the 1st time. Not everyday menu at the stall. Somehow lucky that Fri to grab a pack for the husband. He loved their curry and chilli to the moon and back. The more the merrier. Superb spicy. The prawns were fresh and the batter on the outside is neither too thick or thin. Crispy. Like tempura type right? Esp love all the crumbs. BEST! I can have just the rice with curry and the crumbs. 

Okay. That's all for this journal. Bai Bai!