Culinary | Home Cook's Journal - Debut Week

Alright. I decided on this title for my post on my cooking journey! Just a little bit of standardization. Okay lah. Not debut anymore but at least a debut for the title. This blog is becoming like a cooking blog than food blog but then all are related to food. Shall write up on some lifestyle, if there is any. 

Let's start!

1 Nov 2014

Menu for the day:
1) ABC Soup
2) Seasoned Cuttle Fish w Soya Bean Sauce

ABC Soup Ingredients:

Ingredients (Serving for 2):
2 carrots
5 small potatoes
 1 yellow onion

Peeled and cut in smaller pieces for better consumption. 
Takes quite a bit of time on preparation. Once awhile, okay I guess.

I bought $4 of soft pork bones and divided into 2 portions for ABC soup 
and the following day's soup. 
Wash and blanch the bones over the fire for few minutes, 
drain away the water and set aside.

Bought the stock pouch at the neighbourhood shop at $4.90. 
Probably I should go Daiso to grab a pack soon. Cheaper there. 
And superb in need of this for soup consumption weekly. 
Wash and put in dry shrimps and ikan bilis. Definitely make the soup tasty.

Throw all the ingredients into my Happy Call Pot with water and let it boil. 
Either the pot is too small to contain all the ingredients 
or the ingredients are a little too much. 
Nonetheless, Anticipating the end product.

Here is my end product. 
All I put in is a little salt, garlic salt (throw in by husband) and pepper. 
So tasty and flavourful. OMG! I don't know I can do it that well. 
Can't wait to have my favourite potatoes. Soft, so is the carrots.
Only if I have a thermal pot.

Cuttle Fish Ingredients:

The can of cuttlefish (on the left) 
which the husband loves it so much. 
We cooked it previously, by him, 
and now is for him to impart his skills to me further.

He used chopped ginger, minced garlic and onion from Sing Long
tomato sauce and sambal chilli. 
Threw in the ginger, then garlic & onion, 
the cuttle fish and stir-fry. Add sambal chilli and tomato sauce towards the end. 
He poured some of our ABC soup in it. 
Well... it's gonna be damn tasty. 
You may want the cuttlefish in smaller pieces as it looks big.

There you go. The cuttle fish that has 2 different tastes. 
Taste spicy and sweet at the same time. Superb chewy. 
But processed food isn't good for our health 
so now I'm gonna clear my cupboard of processed (canned) food 
one by one. Buy only when we wanna.

That concludes our dinner on a Saturday night. 
The soup opens up my appetite for the night.

2 Nov 2014

Menu for the day:
1) ABC Porridge with salted egg
2) Chicken rice (just the rice only)
3) Char Siew
4) Stir-fry cabbage with dry shrimps and chilli
5) Soup

Porridge Ingredients:

You probably have see in my previous post that I grind the rice grains. This time round, the husband got me to blend the ingredients from our ABC soup, potatoes and carrot to paste. Then put in back to the ABC soup, mix well. We are going to use this soup to boil our porridge. Isn't this awesome? Never tried this before and superb new to me. So this will be our usual Sunday brunch.

I never stir well and thus I can find lumpy grind rice. Keep mixing it to minimize such lump. Adding water till the brim of the pot. I threw in a chicken stock and pepper. And that's it. Done. Along with a salted egg.

Cabbage Ingredients:

Nothing much except dry shrimps and chilli. That's how the husband want. Seriously, after learning how to cook, I love having vegetables more than ever. Well done. Thanks to cooking.

I bought half and used some in my ABC soup. The husband said this can make the soup sweeter. Now gonna stir-fry everything. He cannot live without veggie and meat. So is a weekends' home-cooked meal must have.

Simple as it is. Garlic, onion, abalone sauce, chicken broth. Let it stew for few minutes. But the fire control has to be good in order not to overcooked the cabbage.

Char Siew Ingredients:

Looks bloody. Marinate this pork belly with: Abalone sauce, honey, five spice powder, garlic salt, red colouring. Kept in the fridge overnight before using my Philips Airfryer to airfry it.

Airfry at 180deg for 20 mins, 10 mins on both sides, spray oil on each side. Last 2 mins (previously 5 mins) at 200deg.

Chicken Rice Ingredients:

That's his version of chicken rice and indeed, it enhances the taste of the chicken rice further. Although we used paste instead of doing from scratch, it doesn't mean we shortchange ourselves. The rice is more fragrance and tasty.

Plus pandan leaves. Bought it on Saturday and I was like having $7+ of vegetables and the stall owner gave that pandan leaves for free since I only want 20cents worth.

This is how it looks before I put to cook. I used Basmati rice because the husband likes basmati rice. And I hope it turns out good.

My whole house smelled of chicken rice. Superb yummy. The husband always hiam the chicken rice when we go back my parents' house for dinner. Not flavourful though the smell is there. But idiot him. He still have like 2 bowls of rice serving at my house. Boo...

After this, my rice cooker of 5 months die on me. Never mind. I shall get a smaller one for more space.


Usually I just buy off the shelf rather than heading to Chinese Medicine Hall which I don't know much about Chinese medicine. Pre-packed is good as whatever is needed in that particular soup has been packed for you. All you need is water and pork bones and time. Simple right? Add some salt for taste.

Finally after 5 months, there is progress in my cooking and definitely proud of it. Noobshit here people! But as for baking, it sucks though somehow succeeded with the use of airfryer but not the oven.

Take a look at this. I took all advises from friends and yes it didn't charred but never rise much.

Okay! Never mind. Once I master my cooking, I shall conquer baking. Probably no-bake recipes suit me well. At least for my blueberry & strawberry cheesecake and oreo cheesecake.