Food Review | Alexandra Village Hawker Centre

If not because we wanna grab stuff at IKEA and also pop by the shophouses to buy a rice cooker, we won't have made our way to Alexandra Village Hawker Centre for dinner. Fated. Whenever I go out with my husband, I love to hunt/try new food outlet (I mean never try before). So it is too with my friends.

Superb convenience after shopping, even if you are at Queensway Shopping Centre which is just opposite. About 10 mins walk to ABC Brickwork Hawker/Food Centre too. 

The 2 stalls we tried:

  1. Seng Heng Carrot Cake
  2. Soon Lai BBQ Fish

I start with Black Carrot cake. Well... you shouldn't have doubt in this dish because is all-time favourite. Ask around any Singaporean if they love/like or had this before. When I was young, my mum used to buy Black carrot cake for breakfast. Sweet, tasty and soft texture. You think it is charred but actually it is not. It is the sauce. Get it? It also has White Carrot Cake. I love both version but husband prefer black. Very old school huh. I attempt before on white carrot cake at home. Probably should try the black. You can choose the portion based on their pricing from $2.50, $3, $4, $5.

It's been long since I had sambal kangkong. Have a plate of rice and this dish is enough to fill me up. Here the kangkong is really tasty and crunchy. The spiciness is tolerable for me. I had it at other places and some can drive me crazy. Mostly too spicy. $5 is just nice for 2 pax but never enough for me.

Oh man... I wanna achieve the good taste back at home. Tasty and fragrance fried rice. No need for chilli to enhance. It is good on its own. I wanna come back for this stingray and sotong. My favourite food items in the seafood list. At $5 again, worth it! I love this stall for their economical price. 

So immerse yourself in Singapore's hawker fare at Alexandra Village Hawker/Food Centre now! Cos in my opinion, Singapore's hawker/food centre is the all in one place to get a taste of our local food and beverages. Some have been around for more than a decade and may have passed for few generations. This is Singapore and hi... I'm a Singaporean. Singapore is celebrating its 50th birthday next year. Do visit Singapore next year my overseas readers for the array of celebratory activities going on in 2015! 

They are at: 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1 Singapore 150120 (near to IKEA Alexandra)

Disclaimer: Each individual has different taste bud and what I find it nice, it may not be the same for others.