Food Review | Nyonya & Baba Peranakan

Listed this restaurant the last time we popped by at Vivo City and finally settled for a meal after work here. Looking forward to it because is pretty new to me as I never had Peranakan food before. And the husband because he seems to know what to order. His mum (my MIL) is a Peranakan so probably influenced for that reason. He is not a Chinese too.

Before our meal is served, Achar and Keropok are served. The husband calls the former as Asia Kimchi. Not sure why. In what ways does it look like kimchi? Maybe it does look like, somehow. 

Ordered their SET A for 2 pax which basically fits all the choices the husband wants.

Soup - Bakwang Kepeting

When served, this is how it looks. Thanks to food styling. Well... the soup is tasty (like pig organ soup as described by the husband) and the meatballs are indeed good. 

Spot the prawn within the meatballs. Sorry for lousy photos in this post. Bear with it, though me myself can't stand it.

Vegetables - Nyonya Chap Chye

Love this one (imagine these words coming from someone like me who doesn't eat vegetables). My mum cooked before and I don't find it appealing so never tried but here, this is picked by the husband so well... just follow suit. Cabbage, mushrooms, tang hoon. I'm going to learn this dish.

Meat & Poultry - Ayam Buah Keluah

Oh... this is a must try (as mentioned by the husband) esp when you are having Peranakan cuisine. The husband said that mostly Peranakan women will need to learn/know how to cook because it is their Signature and staple dish . The preparation of this dish according to him is quite tedious because of that buah keluah as it is poisonous and you need to soak in the water for maybe 24 hours or so. If never handle it properly, it can be fatal. He was quite looking forward to this dish but then in the end, it is just so-so to him. For me, I find that their chicken (ayam) quite bony. Not much of meat. 

Others - Nyonya Ngo Hiang

This Ngo Hiang is good. Crispy. It has this fragrance coming out from the fillings with every bite. Or probably it has been a long time since I had a proper Ngo Hiang.

Dessert - Puloh Hitam & Sago Gula Melaka

Last but not least, dessert time. We favour Puloh Hitam. The problem with Sago Gula Melaka is too coconut and the weird taste of gula melaka. That's my view. Pardon me if you feel offended. But that's me. The husband finds it too sweet. 

Overall, the husband finds it good except the ayam buah keluah is not meeting his expectation. For me, decent meal. 

Nyonya & Baba Peranakan
They are at: 1 Habourfront Walk, #01-54/56, Vivo City, Singapore 098585