Food Review | Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant

Through words of mouth, I always heard my friends saying that famous prata at Jalan Kayu, many a times and because that time I stay in the West, it is pretty turn off to head to another side of Singapore. But now with me living in North, it takes about 10-15mins to reach Jalan Kayu. But note that parking is extremely a headache there unless you are not lazy like me (walk from the open carpark opposite Jalan Kayu Interim Park to the restaurant). I must say the road is extreme narrow for a bus to pass through (even though it managed to). I hope the authority can do something to widen the road as it is another food paradise to explore in Singapore with the famous prawn noodles and otah.

So finally get to try this famous prata but then I go for fanciful prata like Ice Cream Prata and Paper Prata. Just in time before the peak hours as it opens 24 hours and today is Friday, so expect a crowd coming later on. 

Paper Prata $1.80
As it is called, it is thin like a paper. Dip in the gravy, it tastes decent and mild spicy (that gravy). Nothing much to mention. Probably try some others in their menu on my next visit.

Ice Cream Prata $6.50
First and last time. I find the ice cream is overwhelming that I can't really taste the prata. And when I did, it tastes like ice cream crepe. But the prata is thin like paper compared to crepe (probably like paper prata I had). Scrape away the whip cream to minimize the sweetness. There are 3 scoops of ice cream inside mainly chocolate, orange (maybe) and strawberry. Experience was good but it will be better as dessert.

Mutton Briyani Dum $7.00
I guess this is one of the many briyani that has won the vote of my husband. The fragrance rice and no mutton odor from the mutton chunks. There are many ways a briyani dum is cooked and one emphasis that the husband mentioned was having fried onions in it to enhance to smell and taste as well. We intend to try cooking at home, real soon. Stay tune for my updates. Meanwhile, enjoy this briyani at Thasevi.

Can't wait to explore that area of food outlets soon, with my husband, for convenience sake.

They are at: 237/239 Jalan Kayu Singapore 799463 (Open 24 hours)


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