Food Review | Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen

Random picked an eatery for dinner on a Monday night and never expect to be at one that is recommended by bloggers.

The environment and ambiance is like any Japanese eateries thus I do feel the authenticity of their furnishing/decorations right there. Esp the ceiling art pieces. Vintage, retro. Just use your own instinct to describe. Anyway I'm just all out for their food. 


Pasted on their dining table is 'How to cook delicious Kazan Ramen' in 5 steps. Pretty cool when you know you gonna have a feel of how it is like when volcano erupts at Step 3.

Ordered their Hot Stone Kazan Curry Ramen with rice. Refer back to the steps above, refer to last step on how you can utilize the bowl of rice.

So they served up the curry soup. Follow by the hot stone bowl containing the ingredients and ramen. Pouring in the curry and cover up with the red lid. Immediately, you can hear that sizzling sound coming out from the hot stone bowl with the steam coming out from the opening of the lid. Don't you think it has that volcano shape? I personally think that this idea of covering the stone bowl is good because the steam just goes up in the air instead of being smoked by the steam and after a meal, you go out of the eatery with the smell of curry. Excuse me. You won't want that.

Look at that! It is still boiling, all so bubbly and sizzling. You can imagine how hot that stone bowl so please be careful. Even when they serve that curry soup up. Husband got scalded a bit. The bowl is full of ingredients and the taste was just good. Except for the pork which the husband didn't really like. He mentioned that because of the thickness (which is good), you feel like you are having Mee Rebus towards the end. Oops...

Ordered their gyoza and it is now a staple for me to when I dine in a Japanese restaurant/eatery. But it was a little disappointed here with a plate of charred gyoza. *shake head* I think I can fry gyoza at home better than them. At least mine is towards brownish than charred. Please maintain the standard and not just present to bloggers or writers to nicer side. I'm my own food blogger too. *annoyed* Anyway we just go ahead to finish up all because we have to pay even if we don't want to have it. With the curry above, we dip the gyoza into the curry for absorption. Nice indeed. Thumbs up to their curry!

I had all the curry rice on my own. Hot Stone Curry Fried Rice with Prawns. Excuse me. When it is served, the curry is making lots of sizzling sound and the server asked me to use to spoon to stir quick. But then I let my camera phone eat first. Well the prawns are nice and fresh. After mixing the rice evenly with the curry, the sizzling sound continues through-out till I finish it all. It is kept simple as the focus is on the curry thus not much ingredients seen. Great idea. Very nice with every mouthful and the taste mingles in your mouth for quite awhile. At my tolerance level for the spiciness. Towards the last pic, you can see the rice sticking on the stone bowl. Gives me the claypot rice feel. Or probably I should mix fast when it is served to avoid that. 

Overall, this is quite a good place for curry ramen and with limited seating capacity, please come at a good timing or day like Monday with lesser crowd.

They are at: 10 Sinaran Drive #02-68/69 Square 2 S307506 
Nearest MRT: Novena (North-South Line)
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