Culinary | Home Cook's Journal III

Documenting this cooking journal on weekly basis, it somehow creates a very boring thingy don't you think? What should I do to make you people entertain with my blog? Fortnightly basis? Or a monthly journal? I guess for now I just try to be more entertaining with more photos. We are visual animals... I believe in that because I am one of them. What about u?

11 Nov 2014

Menu: Instant Noodles with stir-fried french beans

The leftover french beans from the weekend are fully utilized by me for my dinner. Mine! Chopped and stir-fried the beans. Dry frying. Little bits of oil, garlic, onion and that's it. Love the smell. Go with instant noodles. Husband gave me that look. Meaning is weird. Why? I don't find it weird.

Here is my presentation of dinner of the night. We should have a hashtag #dotn don't you think? And who says instant noodles have to be egg, luncheon meat and so on? Mine is french beans.

14 Nov 2014

My husband proudly apps me his fried rice while I was outside. His dinner. Golden Fried Rice with Meatballs. He named it.

The meatballs are from IKEA.Used it once for my Spaghetti Bolognese. Probably I should use it for my aglio olio.

15 Nov 2014

1) Dou miao
2) Rendang mutton (canned)
3) Liu Wei Soup

So finally we tried dou miao and used half a pack only. Cost saving since such a big pack. I understand though it looks a big pack but after cooking, it sort of shrink till a small portion. And I learnt from my friend by putting wolfberries while cooking. 

The clearing of processed/canned food in progress. Down with another can of rendang mutton. I don't find it worth the price when the mutton is not a lot and only 2 pathetic potatoes. Husband added chilli paste to enhance the spiciness. Luckily not so bad. 

This is just a plain looking dinner of ours on Saturday and this is very usual and nothing much. The husband always want meat and veggie for his every meal, plus fruits. So most of the time I will replenish oranges for him and apples for myself. If not, watermelon. Once awhile, blueberries. How about you people out there? What kind of fruit you buy? 

Had dessert after like an hour later. Bought this pack of Instant Sesame Paste for awhile and finally have it. My dad is always saying that taking sesame paste can make our hair dark. I wonder how true but then I just like sesame paste so don't mind having it. And I didn't realize it is from Singlong. I guess I have this fate with Singlong's products. 

16 Nov 2014

1) Chicken Rice and Chicken Mid Joints
2) Dou miao
3) Si Shen Soup

NTUC has this promo of 2 packs chicken mid joints at $4.75 and well... since we can do very tasty chicken, so I bought 2 packs. Marinate them all 18 pieces on Sat and airfry it on Sunday for our dinner. My husband reprimanded me for being stingy on the marination. 

This time round, I airfry it for 8 mins each side at 180deg, and 5 mins at 200deg full blast after. You see... it doesn't look like it is charred. Properly cooked.

Dou Miao for Sun. Simply just ikan bilis and chilli. In my opinion, it is much better than the previous day. Improvement every weekend. LOVE!

Finally, I find that the way we display our food is quite important. Realized that on Sun when we put everything this way and it makes my appetite better and happy by looking at it. You know why we do it this way? Because I wanna wash lesser things after dinner. Ya... that's me.

My Daily Food Feeds

11 Nov 2014

Decided to start off my Monday with a light and healthy breakfast. So I had macaroni soup with extra vegetables. I feel good. I wonder I can do it for a week just on macaroni soup. I'm gonna get back on diet. Shrinking my appetite is the way I did previously years back when I go on an aggressive diet and exercising. But then I do still have some junkies at times. But really a small portion of everything. So now let me try for this whole week on macaroni soup for breakfast.

Lunch was reading at Starbucks with a slice of Yuzu Yogurt Cheesecake and my staple now, Hot Chocolate. On my 2nd book now. Wonder how long it gonna take me to finish it. And oh I like this cheesecake. The light yuzu taste stays in your mouth for awhile. Unique combination.

12 Nov 2014

My Auntie Style cum Eagle eyes on action: Was queuing up to buy their Calamari Combo when I spotted a promo ad at their cashier. Flash your NTUC card and get a free Sjora Mango Peach drink with any meal purchase. Well done! Immediately I flash to the cashier. Dinner is a bit salty but shiok. I love all the crumbs. How much it damages my throat, I just go for it. Sore... I just love their fries since start. But I have to say that the fries in fast-food restaurants has their uniqueness. I think I should do a fries post. No problem. Wait up okay?

14 Nov 2014

Went out with friend for a short chill out session at Teddy & Me, my latest blog post and you can find my review and photos of what I had there. Click here.

Then my friend is in need of beer so we hop to Addictions for her beer and a bowl of truffle fries.