Impromptus weekend

Year-end is coming, which means the start of more gatherings till we welcome 2015 with both hands. Time flies and soon we are a year older. What is waiting for us in 2015? Really curious. I hope everything will be good.

Went to his friend's house for steamboat a.k.a chit chat session since he shifted to a a bigger house. Damn big with 4 storeys. Never took any photos of the house. So just follow the photos through and you know how my Sat is spent. Geez... have to plan what to get for steamboat next month as our turn to host them the first time in our house since we shifted in.

This is how it looks when 6 of us hang out. Alcohol and cigarette are staples to the guys. Quite norm. And snacks.

That's all on a Saturday night. That crazy husband wanted to stay till 6am but I cannot stand it. And his friend is sleepy already. So head off home at 5+ in the morning. Excuse me... I really long time never stay out so late. I don't really enjoy it. But why did I always do so in my younger days? WTF am I thinking? And those days were hanging out at pubs/bars/discos plus supper after that. Annoying ya... I must cherish my sleep more now. KTHXBYE!