Travelogue | Taipei, Taiwan Series 3

Come. Let's skip the food part and jump to scenery. My guy went once but for a short while because the previous trip we went on a one day tour and was given very little time and never bring him for scenery. Yes I'm talking about 九份. I have been there for many times and seems like most of my trips to Taiwan, definitely come here. Funny!

This is the common scene that welcome us every single time you step in. Narrow walking path and superb crowded. 

A superb Japanese-feel inn

My 'WTF' look

So our next destination is 十分瀑布. Quite excited as finally I'm going there after many failed attempts to head there due to my laziness in planning.

Walking down the stairs, I heard the train coming. Shit! I missed it. Sad. Just wait for the next round. Hopefully when I'm done inside the waterfall.

I'm not sure how it appears to you but for me, I have this kind of tribe feel upon seeing this wooden house. Very rustic too. What do you think?

This has more a rustic view. Railway track surrounded by trees. So greenery. I like. 

The weather that day was cooling yet foggy. This is how my photo turn out. But nice & quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle.

There is this small little cafe at 十分瀑布 which you can find lots of cats roaming around but cute and beautiful furry ones. I guess it belongs to the owner or I don't know. Never really ask. The entrance fee of TWD100 includes a discount coupon so you can use it for coffee or any beverages.

Oh kitty kitty kitty... You are one big fat kitty. So nice and soft. I touch it so I know. 

Not that I'm good or doubting my guy's photography skills but why it feels like I'm being 'bokeh' rather? Sighz...

Was having our latte and this cat was on the bench, cleaning or grooming itself. So cute!

Oh yes! Manage to snap it on time! Was just coming out from the waterfall and heard to chu-chu sound. SHIOK MAX!

It just pass-by us in split seconds. Well done! I looking forward to another one at 十分老街.

So our last destination of the day, 十分老街. Here is like a small town famous for releasing lantern aka Tian Deng 天灯.

The wordings wrote by me and the drawing by him. Very juvenile kind of drawing yo! Our friend beside me.

Here comes the train again. The final stop of this train service is of course at 十分 itself. Yes there is a 十分 train station not far from where we are.

The sound of that train is so overwhelming. Shiok! Bangkok also has such sight at one of their market. 

So that's the end of our release lantern session. Bought some souvenirs back. Of course is the mini lantern for hanging or displaying. 

Before we go, we walk on a bridge just outside the 老街. 

So we head back to Taipei. Here is like outskirt of Taipei (I think). The driver sent us back to Ximending. Yes! Again our meal is settled at XIMENDING! YES YES! U are not hearing things. 那个死鬼很喜欢吃一样的食物!

Carrot Cake
Everytime I'm here, I must have their carrot cake. Totally different from Singapore. Here it is just pan-fried and add some sweet sauce if you want. And this, you can get the real taste of carrot cake. Get what I mean?

Oyster Omelette 
 Why we love it so much is because they always have the freshest oysters ever and in generous amount. 

Braised Pork Noodles
Fine. This is a repeat. Not me but my guy. I'm just having that carrot cake to satisfy my tummy.

Walk around and back at hotel for the night. 

Our Day 3 is rather a last day for us because Day 4 we are heading back. This trip is basically planned for giving thanks at Confucius Temple. So never really plan that long. But at least I went to places that I never been to in Taipei. Too much of nice places to explore in just Taipei (in my opinion). Sorry to say but I'm not into shopping there unless tasked to buy stuff. I'm more on food and sight seeing. That's me. Not much of girly shopping spree.

Had our breakfast on Day 3 at Fong Da (refer to my Series 1) and off we go to Maokong 猫空. Took the MRT all the way to Maokong station. Raining or should I say is drizzling. Took the cable car up to the top peak! Very foggy so not much photos too.

Very funny right? Once reach the peak, we head for food. WTF! 

The highlights here: 油饭,炒面 & 猪血汤 (Glutinous rice, fried noodles & pig blood soup).

At Maokong, there are lots of teahouse. And this time round we chose one that is further in. I tried once at a different teahouse more towards the outside. 

If you can't finish the tea, you can bring back too. Best! And I ordered fried mushrooms.

Yummy! Is big and juicy. But because wind is blowing it cold, therefore I just have to do a speed eating. If not it loses the crunchiness too.

So now, I shall stop here abruptly. Shall do a last series to end this trip. 

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