Food Review | Ramen Keisuke Tokyo, Toast Box, Don Your Personal Pie Club, TCC

My posts are always on FOOD! That's the main characteristic of my blog. So in order to have you peeps back reading my blog, I shall be hardworking enough to blog. So I shall spam you peeps with loads of food photos.

1) Ramen Keisuke Tokyo

I think this is the 2nd time we settle for dinner at Ramen Keisuke. The 1st time my guy and I both had their ramen. But now we opt for others (at least for me) in their menu.

Frankly speaking, is a must for me to have gyoza every time I patronize Japanese restaurant, even when I travel to Tokyo in 2011. To me, not mainstream at all. I just wanna keep trying till I had the best gyoza in my opinion. Their gyoza was near perfection. Not oily but is juicy. It just go purging out with every bite.

Fried Rice
It doesn't looks appealing to anyone but definitely one delicious fried rice in a Jap restaurant. First of all, you will think that 'Oh man... so soggy!' That's my first thought too. But as you go along, you find the rice very fragrance. It may taste a little bland, probably because the condiments are used sparsely. But together with some Jap fishcake and meat, it tastes just right. At least you won't feel that thirsty after finishing.

Probably because I'm currently more into Udon rather than Ramen, thus this bowl of ramen to me is quite boring. A typical one I should say. You see lah! Their specialty is Ramen and yet I don't really like. What am I doing here? 

Yes this is the Japanese fried chicken a.k.a Karaage. It looks dry (which means not oily) here but crispy on the outside, juicy from the inside. You can never go wrong with sides like Karaage and Gyoza when you eat in a Jap restaurant. Actually I'm someone who likes to have it originally first before deciding if I should dip in sauces or squeeze lime or lemon to it. This one definitely not needed, which means is good on its own already.

Ramen Keisuke (Ramen Dining)
9 Raffles Boulevard
#P03-02, Parco Millenia
Singapore 039596

2) Toast Box

Was hanging out with my girlfriend at Chinatown and seriously, 2 ladies can have such bitchy mouth. After a big bowl of porridge each, still having some toast after much walking around the festive market.

Bought Hei Bi Hiam, pork floss and kaya toast. My aim is on that traditional kaya toast. I love it and I don't know why. Probably because I had this since young. I lived with my grandparents for awhile before shifting back with my parents. I will always tag along with my grandpa for afternoon tea at the coffeeshop. He always ordered kaya toast and coffee. And I always like drinking from the saucer (he did it for me to cool the coffee or milo). Superb nostalgia every time I reminiscing the past. And so it has left me that very deep impression of kaya toast since then. The slice of butter melts on that freshly toast, along with the kaya spread. Awesome with every bite. Crunchy and crispy. All in. But the Hei Bi Hiam and Pork Floss toast never capture my stomach. I don't really like. Esp that Hei Bi Hiam on the bread, it tastes weird. Or should I say I'm just that inflexible towards a modern twist?

Toast Box
133 New Bridge Road
#01-45/46, Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413

3) Don Your Personal Pie Club

My friend told me that their pies were good so I decided to try at least for once. And yes that is gonna be my first and last time. 

Signature Chicken Pie
First of all, the pie is looking big to me. Secondly, I have a bit of hard time cutting it through because so flaky on the outside and the so-called crust is kinda thick. Thirdly, the potato mash + quarter or half a hard-boiled egg stuffing from within is making me feeling so full after conquering half of it. Well done! I wasted food again. As you go along, it gets kinda sick so I think is best to share with one more pax. My friend is right. Share the carbo! As compared to other chicken pies from Delifrance or Polar, you get a good taste of potato from Don. 

Don Your Personal Pie Club
1 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Level 1 (near escalator & diagonal from Uniqlo)
NUH Medical Centre
Singapore 119082

4) TCC The Connoisseur Concerto

Was hanging out again with my girlfriend. She had TCC card plus January is her birthday month, there is 50% off the bill. So after searching for her Chinese New Year clothes (in vain), we settled for some finger food at TCC as our dinner. 

Calamari + Potato Wedges
Now then I realise that I shouldn't have potato again. I had too much of potato in a day and I feel like I have the farking carbo loaded for a 10km routine run to burn. Excuse me! I'm not going for any race right now. My 1st race is in March! Arrghhh... Why I never leave it till then to load carbo ar? Stupid me!

But anyway, my favourite Calamari is awesome! Without dipping any sauce is awesome too! Awesome x a zillion. I love chewing away my calamari. So chewy and not oily. The potato wedges are good too. Crispy enough. 

Spicy Hot Wings
In order not to further damage my body, I just had it as it is. And excuse me. Not spicy at all. Defeat the purpose right? But who cares? You eat the way you are comfortable in. Correct right? But I'm still ponder over that batter they used. What did they used? I taste some spices just on the skin itself. Nice! Again, crispy and crunchy. Plus a little juicy. But when it is served up, there is no alluring smell from it. Ohh.... I love that alluring smell from  my food. Anyway is good. Lip-smacking indeed. 

Smoked Salmon & Apple Salad
Say real one. I like making salad but I don't know why I irk having it. Why? Because I'm not a veggie lover. But for my health purpose, I just gotta have it. But very minimal. My guy hates it whenever I pick them out like small kid. And last time I get screamed by my parents for not having veggie. WTF! Fine. I will have them in my moderation pace. 

I love smoked salmon. Probably because of that salty taste. Shit! Too much salt (sodium) is no good for health. Have it in moderation. Everything is good about this salad. Most importantly, no sauce (like Thousand Island). Fresh veggie with crunchy sound, small cubes of apples, cherry tomatoes. Okay! Please try this!

TCC The Connoisseur Concerto (Main Boutique)
80 Middle Road
#01-92/96 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188966

So that's all for this post! Enough or not? 4 different places in a post. I think the places I went is so common that you get boring don't you peeps? OKAY! Wait up! Next post on my CNY Staff Lunch at Penang Place. Okay or not okay? 

I don't care! Just post! Bye!