Travelogue | Taipei, Taiwan Series 2

Let me start from the beginning of my trip. If not, it doesn't seems to link at all. If you haven't read my Taipei Travelogue Series 1, do so now! 

As usual (I guess), I booked my trip from Expedia and was always the airline choice is Cathay Pacific. Well done! So I have been travelling by +Cathay Pacific Airways 國泰航空 to Taipei for quite a number of times (I guess so). But strange enough, I never travel to Hong Kong by Cathay. Probably the next round I shall do so. And yes, is a transit at Hong Kong International Airport (as always) and an hour flight to Taoyuan International Airport. I quite like the idea of transit because I'm overwhelmed by the shops in the airport. High-end goods of course. And the variety of food at the airport. And this is my first time (basically superb lucky) that we got upgraded to Business Class upon check-in at Changi Airport. But the criteria is that we have to take an earlier flight to Hong Kong. We are superb fine with it so long as we are able to catch that flight (which is upon check-in, we have 45 mins to rush to the gate). Superb wonderful experience. Love it. And so we reached HK earlier than expected and I went looking for their free internet services to surf Facebook. Wahahahaha.... Crap. Grab some bites too. Erm... not bite. Actually is meal. Because we figure out (due to experience) that the transit flight is sandwiches.

Then it proved us wrong. It is not sandwiches anymore. A box of fried rice. Full die us! Lucky I share the noodles with my guy at the airport. Crap!

We reached Taipei in the late afternoon. Freaking cold (for me at least) and I already feel the coldness at Hong Kong Airport. We stayed at Just Sleep Ximending. They have it at different parts of Taipei and 2 in Kaoshiung. Walking distance to Ximending (which is just across the road). 

Rest for awhile and head out for food and minimal of shopping. I'm tasked by my mum to buy door curtains because it is cheaper in Taiwan than in Singapore.

Happen to pass by this restaurant which many Singaporeans will know. I just want to see that dog that laze just outside. Many passerby will somehow take a photo of that dog. A beautiful one indeed. Is it a Golden Retriever? I don't really know dogs a lot.

Default position for the moment I saw this dog till I left. Doggy, you not cold meh?

First stop, we head to Shilin Night Market. Yes and that's where I want to buy my door curtains. Because it still freaking early to head for Raohe Night Market, so we had some food at Shilin instead. Side note, during winter season, Taipei's 5pm is like Singapore's 7pm although there is no timezone difference between us.

OMG!!! MY GRILLED SQUID! Yes I ordered soft-shelled crab, grilled squid and sausages.


And so we took a cab to Raohe Night Market. And what welcome us at the entrance of the night market is that famous ducky. 

This duck at that time should be at Keelung (if I'm not wrong) or at Kaoshiung previously. Either of them. If you travel to Hong Kong in 2013, should have known of this duck too. So basically everywhere I went in Taipei, they sell duck plushies and sort.

I never took much of the inside of Raohe Night Market. Basically it is two long stretch of food and shops gathering inside a space constraint place. So many people sitting down there, having their food or shopping. We never had much food there because superb full already (thanks to my guy for making us full already at Shilin). Had some fried yam balls but never take a snap. 

We are at the other end of the night market and this is where a temple stood. Very nice architecture works. Looks glowing in the night with the help of lighting (that is of course).

And so we walk the other long stretch back to the other side and took a cab back to Ximending. And yes my guy just love going back to Ximending for food! You let him stay at Ximending any hotels and he can 5 days eat at Ximending without getting sick of it! Seriously no joke! And for the rest of our stay, we almost check in to the same stall everyday. And that is his pocket-list of must eat food at Ximending itself. Just XIMENDING ONLY! 

In Taiwan, you must not miss these 3 treasures: 鲁肉饭,鱿鱼羹 and 鲁肉面. Economical food yet tasty and filled your tummy up well enough on winter season.

Street shots at Ximending
Went to Red House (just across Ximending) and so happens there is exhibition going on. Showcasing the old days of Taiwan (I think). Superb vintage feel. I like! 怀旧风.

Back in our hotel. We chill out with some beers (for the guys). The convenience store is just next to the hotel lobby. Yes it somehow links. Just a door to enter beside the reception counter. Awesome.

Yes this chill out area is at Level 9 next to our room. Our friend stayed at Level 8 so came up to chill. There is also a vending machine for you to buy drinks. Confirm won't thirst to death. 

The next day, we had breakfast in the hotel. I usually don't like hotel breakfast in Taipei, probably is not appealing and I rather go out to their breakfast shop where I get more varieties. But here at Just Sleep, the buffet spread for breakfast was quite decent. At least I can find something that I wanna eat, unlike my previous trip.

And we head to Confucius Temple after breakfast to give our thanks for having our wishes in studies come true. He passed and gotten his 2nd Diploma and I passed and ready to graduate with a degree.

Day 2 is a little bit of touring. My itinerary planned:  九份►十分瀑布►十分老街.

I did a search online and found a better way to go there. Just by taking their train (not high speed) to Ruifang 瑞芳. Outside the train station, you can find a small taxi stand on your left. It shows the packages available for all to choose from. The taxi driver will just bring you to the places as stated in the package. Then you save the hassle of finding your way. I took the package at TWD2300 which is SGD100 for 3 adults, which makes it $33 per pax. Anyway I'm travelling with 2 old men who are so lazy thus this is the best option for them.

At the platform where the train finally arrived. Before that, I was standing there and a middle-aged woman approached me and we actually chat up. Lucky I told her I'm from Singapore and she said I can speak quite frequent Mandarin. Of course lah! I speak Mandarin everyday since young. I'm a Singaporean Chinese. Then we chit chat and she recommended me go places of interest near what I have planned for Day 2. Chat till the train came. Very nice talking to Taiwanese people. So friendly. I like and that's why I love Taiwan.

The journey to Ruifang 瑞芳 took an hour. Along the way, so much of scenery. How can you don't like right?

So our Day 2 starts here. Please wait up for Series 3. This post is a little long-winded. I know. I try not to write too much crap. I try. Enjoy.