Food Review | Penang Place

Where can we find the nicest Penang food here in Singapore? Probably will be Penang Place at 1 Fusionopolis Way. Honestly, I have no idea about Penang food and was told by my friend that their buffet spread is good and that I should try their kuehs. Unfortunately due to my recent indigestion problems, I left that out and had something else which others will get irk about. I'm not a buffet person so can't blame me for not having the most expensive food in the buffet spread.

I was there for staff lunch with others from my office. About 30 of us and that makes 3 tables occupied.  The restaurant was quite big and spacious. Definitely a good place for department lunch or gatherings. Before we start, I walk through to see the spread and already in mind what I wanted. 

Here in the plate are garden salad, char siew bao, seaweed chicken, ngo hiang, fried dumpling, spring roll and sausage. I actually pick all others first before salad. Because salad comes in mind after I thought of the whole of a terrible yesterday. Not terrible food but mindless eating + indigestion. So I must have that salad (without sauce). All those finger food (I consider that) are quite mainstream (you can buy from supermarket and fry at home). But what I can say is they are my saviour in buffet. Because I'm quite juvenile when it comes to buffet food. I choose fried food as my priority. Cooked food to be exact. If there is raw ones like oyster and etc, I won't even have a 2nd look at it, unless is sushi sashimi and sort. 

The prawn noodles was good. Small portion and savoury soup. Other fellow colleagues find it spicy but I don't. That's funny. Anything wrong with my taste bud? They actually have hard-boiled eggs for you (slices) but I never had that in my prawn noodles before. I prefer it this way. Simplicity wins! More Singaporean style of prawn noodles.

Before the above, I had another serving of Garden Salad. I just want to minimize the 'damage' further (for indigestion). Char Kway Teow is the popular dish in the restaurant (I guess). I have to wait for a few rounds before getting my hands on it because my colleagues keep raving about it. So must try because it finishes in minutes after they brought out from kitchen. Everyone is eyeing on that. When it is my turn to take, I took some to try (not a glutton). It is quite delicious and definitely not like local Char Kway Teow in dark colour (dark or sweet sauce). Probably because I did not had Char Kway Teow for a damn long time so I find it quite tasty + spicy. Yes and one strange thing is my fellow colleagues find this not spicy at all. SO CONFUSING! Am I right or am I right? WTF! Okay nvm. I follow my own instinct. But by the looks of it, the only common thing in ingredients they used with comparison of our local version is fishcake and eggs.

Was full by then I finished this Pulut Hitam. Yes this is my favourite since young. Pour a bits of coconut milk and is enough (sinful enough for one that is counting calories). At least it is not too watery because it is not meant to be this way. Nothing is good nor bad. Just the way I like, in my opinion.

So today's lunch here at Penang Place was good. At least I had a few of their specialty like Char Kuay Teow and Prawn Noodles. Not into Chendol or Ice Kachang or even Assam Laksa. There is DIY Rojak too. Limited drinks to choose from but why would you want to look for drinks when the purpose of buffet is to try the buffet spread and not wasting your stomach space for drinks! We had barley water actually. A little sweet. And there are Gui Ling Gao and Mango pudding in the fridge waiting for you to pick them.

Penang Place
1 Fusionopolis Way,
Connexis #B1-20/24,
Singapore 138632