Food Review | Jack's Place + Gathering

Throwback. That was in December 2013. An annual gathering with my girlfriends, 5 of us. Full attendance should be 8. Too bad. One is on confinement, business trip and diarrhea. Anyway our gathering proceeded. And the venue itself wasn't that great when it comes to their food, even after such a long time since I step in Jack's Place.

Slipper Lobster & Chicken Combo?
I probably think that's the combo named. Was impressed initially with the looks. But the overall taste was mediocre. The plus point for this dish probably would be the lobster being fresh, a little juicy plus chewy. The grilling was done well to achieve that. The fried garlic were quite extra as it doesn't really make the taste even better. It definitely makes you full after finishing everything, even before you finish. All because of the potato.

Crispy Fried Calamari
What makes calamari taste good lies with the freshness of squid rings and how it has been handled, as in thaw and fried (in my view). It managed to do that but I guess it didn't met my expectation for crispiness. Plus a little soggy. Definitely not the best calamari that I had.

The rest of my friends ordered their steak. Different views from them but on average, their steak shouldn't fare that badly as that is what they are famous for.

Prawn & Chicken Spaghetti?
For once, it looks so unappetizing. So dry looking with a few prawns. It is actually quite disappointing. I probably would not have spaghetti/pasta here. There are better options out there which I have tasted. You can probably find a similar one from Pasta Mania that tastes even better and alluring in presentation. 

Tropical Mango Delight?
Most of the time, photos in the menu are deceiving. And yes, it is. The presentation screwed completely. Like, what's that two dips of black sauce down there? Chocolate? Supposed to be mango tango. Whatever. This wasn't a great choice for dessert too, though the mango mousse was quite alright, not too sweet, goes well of course with the tart. But the overall look failed from the beginning.

We ordered a sundae too but nothing much to talk about because quite mainstream.

The service was average too, take note that is festive season (December) and probably students were working part-time in the restaurant. Some may not have much experience so I don't blame them for not handling well when clearing empty plates from the table. I nearly get cut by the knife that fell off from the plate while they cleared them. On the other hand, it is the restaurant's responsibility to train them. Anyway, I can understand how it feels when you are doing holiday job during school break. Because I am like them during my younger days and made mistakes too. But then I am trained again and again by the managers till I'm good at it. Youngsters out there, don't give up! When you are in doubt, ask! This is how we get to learn more things. Not just by mainstream platforms (social media and etc). Some things you need to experience in real life to learn and understand. I'm not preaching. Just from my experience. I'm old enough to have at least some experience to share.

That's some thoughts from myself. Now comes some shots during that night of our gathering, despite mediocre food.

Our gift exchange. A must for every year's Christmas gathering.

So we end the night with a group photo as usual. This is so to see during this annual gathering who is not present. Wahahahah... Everyone of us went home happily with our presents. 

Good night!

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