Travelogue | Taipei, Taiwan - Finale

Oh... So I finally done with my travelogue for Dec 2013 trip. This is the last one. Gonna sum up this trip. Basically up till now, I have experienced the different weather in Taipei, from cold to warm or humid, all have! I went in the month of Feb, Apr-May-June, Aug and now Dec. Awesome! Let's see when I will step foot there again. I will miss everything about Taiwan. 

So where did I stop? I guess Day 3 at Maokong. Yup! After that tea appreciation, we took the cable car back downhill. We took the normal cable car and basically is not the first time seeing that long q for the glass cable car. Because I think the number of that type of cable car is limited as compared. Ya I understand is a kind of experience. But if you have that patience, then go ahead. I know that Hong Kong has this cable car thingy too that leads to the Big Buddha. I probably will try it in Hong Kong instead because in Taipei, I have already experienced the up and downhill.

After that, we went Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. Impromptus trip. Actually I wanted to go Sanxia but I have no confidence in taking the right bus there. Damn it! Shall try again the next round. I went once with my friend on my first trip to Taipei and thereafter no more. And that makes my guy and our friend the first time there. Actually nothing much. You can see people dancing over there (I think is rehearsal). And the statue of SYS.

As you can see, it's superb near to Taipei 101. Walking distance. When it comes to walking, I really like to walk my way to the destination. You know how I walk? So long as Taipei 101 is not out of sight, I know that I'm on the right track. Just keep walking and looking.

Okay enough! ZzzzZzzZ... So we walk towards Eslite Xinyi Bookstore first. Browse for some books/magazines. And then finally we sat down for some teatime at Agnes B Cafe at Level 1.

Because is the month of December, which means is Christmas time! So lots of Xmas trees outside almost everywhere. Especially at 新光三越 (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi). 

Oh did I mention that +Krispy Kreme opens their flagship store in Taipei on 12 Dec 2013? I saw a superb long q alright. It is at the area of Vieshow. Just 2nd day of opening when I was there. Didn't q up for that since Singapore has it. But I'm so curious as to what is so special about their donuts? Alright. Gonna try them soon. Real soon.

So after that we walk over to Taipei 101. Nothing much. Took a cab back for dinner at Ximending. Yes! This time is different. We had our dinner at the Hong Kong style restaurant that I introduce in Series 1. Finally. Den head back to rest. Don't really wanna walk around much. Simply because I got nothing much to shop. 

So on the last day, we head out to a small breakfast shop. It is raining. OMG is freezing cold. Superb simple breakfast.

My favourite carrot cake. Seriously when I step in Taiwan, I just look forward to their carrot cake. To some, it seems nothing and quite mainstream but to me, having it this way is really much better than I thought. 

Come. Let's talk about our departure from Taoyuan to Hong Kong. At Taoyuan Int Airport, I speed shopping for the stuff my dad wanted. Luckily they have the souvenir shop in the airport. Speed shop for kiddos' Xmas present. By speed shopping, I perspire too. Damn it! Cos is walking from one terminal to another. What you think? But time flies. Time to board the plane and heading toward Hong Kong. We got even more time like 3-4 hours in between the transit flight. So we sat down for a hearty meal at a Teochew restaurant. Opposite that Disney store in the airport. 

The overall verdict: Expensive but nice food. Except for that beehoon. I simply don't know why the guys ordered that. Crappy. I thought we suppose to have finger food because on board the flight, we have meals again. WTF! Full die us. And then after hours, is back to reality. Meaning, we are back home. ZzZzzZzzzz

I hope you have 'enjoyed' my travelogue. A little too wordy and long-winded but I compensate it with photos. I'm still in the learning process so along the way, you might see some photos blurred or whatever wrong angles. Give me more time. I can be one of those pro photographer. I will be for sure. 

If you haven't read up on the previous series of my Taipei travelogue, do it now!

Meanwhile, stay tune for more of my updates! Gonna feature some of my self-taken shots for my wedding. Wait up alright? Bye!