Random Updates

Well... What have I been doing recently? I guess since last Dec, the wedding mood has already kicked in! Only my guy is feeling a little tense. Why? Because of money! Yes... I'm not any great in blogging to get sponsors. So we do within our means. 

Just last December, we filed our solemnization date, bought our wedding bands and booked for our wedding shoot. 
Damage: $3,150.00

And this January 2014, we put a deposit for our wedding buffet lunch, booked for our Pre-Honeymoon short trip, bought my wedding shoes and booked a grooming package.
Damage: $2,398.70

My prediction for Feb 2014 shall be about $3,336! The balance payment of our wedding shoot. Yes! Next month is my wedding shoot and I'm quite excited about it. We chose indoor shots (though I kind of like outdoors too because I know the places I wanna have my shoots which is definitely different from others). And also to pay the balance and be briefed by the tour agency for our pre-honeymoon trip.

As for Valentine's Day, we shall stay away from those malls that will leech you to death for that day. We already have in mind where our dinner will be. No presents. No flowers (seriously don't like). Just the companion of one another. AWESOME!

I always tell myself that I must be different from other brides. That will make mi stand out from among them. I'm in the midst of doing some of my very own shoot, all by myself. The one you have seen in my blog itself is done by me too. That's our couple rings. Bought in Taipei. I post in my FB another one which is our wedding bands. You can find it in my Instagram too. There are 2 more shots that has been taken. But shall post one at a time. Guess I will change by FB cover page every month till my wedding. 

That day when we went down to the Hotel for our booking, I was looking at their wedding favours (included in my package) and I knew the 3 types I'm gonna choose. Not gonna tell. I know it will be quite similar to those of other hotels. What to do? But I will definitely choose those that are convenience for my guests to take-away. 

Till now, I still don't get it! Why would you choose a mug as wedding favour? You find it cute and nice but superb inconvenience for the guests. And then, chocolates are too mainstream. Out! Enough say.

Oh yeah. Our solemnization is in March. And that month, our 6th year dating anniversary too. And now it seems like it is gonna be our wedding anniversary too. So much of celebration that month! Awesome!

Anyway I guess anytime these few months, I'm gonna be getting the keys to my new flat! And it is all about renovation and furnishing. And definitely my house is gonna be different too. DIY is the word. Show you my talent! Soon.
Damage: Unlimited cum Predictably huge amount $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Lucky enough. We have our joint savings that was initiated by me when we first started out. Wow! You'll be thinking that I'm so confirmed and definite gonna marry this guy right? Went through lots of shit before we come together now to step into the next stage of our life. Not easy. All about compromising and understanding. Anyway, not gonna preach about this stuff. More experienced ones out there. See for yourself. I learnt from others' experiences.

Anyway this is what we have done so far for our wedding preparation. Hey! I'm gonna challenge myself to my dream wedding with 5 months on hand for preparation. I will see that this is possible and everyone just gonna hand down on that! Wahahahahah.... Unbelievable? Sure. I'll do that and show you peeps. 

Aside on this, I have received my Statement of Academic Completion direct from my Uni. And yes... I'm looking forward to my Conferment ceremony in August this year. Like finally, I'm a graduate. That 2 years of shit loads of assignments is HELL! Sometimes I really admire myself for being able to write an individual assignment or report with a wordcount of 2000 to 3000+. A formal one. Not like my blog. Of course blogging you can write up to tonnes of things, relevant or irrelevant. But for assignments, it is not kidding. Salute to everyone who will be in the same cohort as me this coming Conferment ceremony! Graduates of 2014 from RMIT! After the ceremony, I'm gonna take a family portrait to be put in my own house. My parents' house already have 2 portraits hanging on the wall (sibei hao lian). One is my dad's and another my bro's. The 3rd one will be me! And definitely in this portrait will have my husband! 3 graduates in the family is AWESOME! We 3 went through private institutions to obtain our degree. And all 3 of us work full-time and study part-time. So how not to be not proud of ourselves? And this is definitely worth although is tiring because we have both the working experiences and obtaining our qualification at the same time.

Hey! I'm the lousiest in our family! I don't have a full O Level certificate (only 3 credits). I went through 3 years of ITE studies (yes I'm a ITE graduate), went through 4 years of part-time poly to obtain my Diploma and then now 2 years of part-time to obtain my Degree. Tell me about it! Those people who look down on ITE GRADUATES! We can be somebody one day! So don't look down on us!!! We definitely worth more in the eyes of employers. And also don't look down on those who got no O Level full cert! My friend worked her way up after she left secondary school to be on Senior position in her company! WHO DARE SAYS THAT WE ARE TRASH OR WHATSOEVER, YOU GONNA GET STRIKE BY LIGHTNING! Or maybe one day, Karma bites for what you have said. Arrogant + Ignorance brats!  They haven't step out of the society so they don't know how pain in the ass it can be when you deal with human relations in office environment. Enough said.

Have bear with the news feed of all these nonsense of looking down on ITE graduates or whatever! I just have to let it out here. Bearing it for so long. That tells my tolerance level.

Hey people! I'm not here to brag about myself or whatsoever. I'm always the inferior one since young so now when I'm on the path to gain back some courage and confidence, just let me say! Okay? No problem right? Good! Got problem? Exit from my blog!