Recap of December 2013

Happy New Year everyone! Yes... I have not been updating enough because lots of lunches/dinners/BBQ gatherings. Super duper fun-filled month! That's why I super love December and always look forward to it!!! Let me share with you peeps how I have spent the last few weeks of December 2013.

On 21 Dec 2013, went for baby shower. But first, my friend accompanied me in search for bridal shop for shoot and etc. To compare and decide on the final one. Den it was rather early so we walk around at Suntec (she wants to look for luggage) and we munch again! Her fault. Bitchy mouth. Need a bite! *poke her on the face* So we had fries from What the Fries... And in a sunny afternoon, we went Paulaner at Millenia Walk for a drink before a bus ride to our friend's house. 

Never took much photos that day. When we reach our final destination, we were chatting away with our long time no meet friend. Talk and talk non-stop. Too long never see her already. Must catch up more. 

So about 8+, me and my friend went off. 

On Christmas Eve 24 Dec 2013, we head down to a friend's house for gathering. At Bedok. Food and more food. I wonder why I can keep eating. I think because MSG in the food. Superb tasty. But I can also taste the saltiness.

Basically that night, I had these two. Why? Because my guy is superb scare of me when I drink. Cos I will go ki siao and he will be the one suffering from my nonsense. But he is no better. He will become superb long-winded and blur blur when he drinks too much. I thought he can hold his alcohol? Too bad. Old man now.

His friend took out 1 cigar and share with my guy. Was told that it's superb expensive. I don't know because I'm not into all these. Wahahahaha....

The wife's friends came over too and they are playing some dices game. Super funny. They are really a spontaneous bunch. Just by being an on-looker, I laughed whole night! 

On Christmas day 25 Dec 2013, we sleep our way through. Had lunch at home (his house). All cooked by his bro-in-law. 

Wrinkled sausages
Bacon wrapped mushrooms

Baked Potato
And then my guy went about cooking spaghetti bolognese for just the two of us. His own recipe. So is spicy! Damn it! This guy is foreva spiciness.

Homecooked Spicy Spaghetti
Looks like mee goreng to me rather than what it supposes to be. But yummy! We are on par when comes to Spaghetti. I don't believe I will lose him. And so in the late evening, we went Yishun to enquire on bridal shoot and so it's deal! We book their package. Better give me whatever they promise. Reputation very important to them right? Yahoo....

Went for BBQ at Rivervale Crest on 27 Dec 2013, Friday. My guy brought me along (because I know the contractor too) and was awesome! Food and drinks all night long. Brought my cam along with some random shots.

Still got souvenirs before we left
So the next day 28 Dec 2013, I had 1 lunch date, 1 Malay wedding to attend and 1 BBQ at night. Straight 3 different places to go. Have to really manage the time well in order not to miss any of them.

Lunch at Swenson, Marina Square with my ITE classmates. 6 of us manage to come, out of many others. And all 6 are ladies (plus 2 boys which is my godsons). Chatting over the dining table, catching up with one another's life and food of course. But no photos. Too lazy to grab my cam out. But manage to take our dessert part. And my Baked Spaghetti Bolognese with my phone.

Baked Spaghetti Bolognese
Giant Earthquake
Ice Cream for my godson

*clear throat* This group photo is taken by my 8 years old godson using my DSLR! Good try my boy! U did it great!

The boy behind the cam for our group photo. I see your potential. Come and join me if I ever open a studio myself. Wahahahahha....

Yes this is a 1 year old boy who can walk and run already plus superb noisy. While we having our lunch, he went so excited, screaming, gaining attention. That's my godson too!

And then we went around taking photos with one another before we end our lunch session. Really had a great time because we have not been meeting for 4 years since the last one we had. I still rem is at Raffles City's Sushi Tei. A room on our own. Shiok!

Basically my classmate is calculating the bill. And calculate so long. Excuse me! U do accounts one hor! How can so slow huh? No lah... Take your time. Give me the correct amount will do. Wahahahhah...

So we went separate ways after all the photo taking. Wahahahah.... Once awhile is good huh? Now gotta see if I should call for a gathering for my polytechnic mates. And so me and my best friend went on the same route to Tampines. Lucky they are heading there too, if not the journey to Tampines is gonna be damn boring. So in the train, nothing to do, we camwhoring away with my phone. Pardon me for the lousy photos taken. Time to change my phone. 

So when we reach Tampines, hurry find a taxi stand and still there is queue. Boring. I'm superb duper late already for the wedding. It would be so embarrassed if they are clearing up already (although I'm too full to eat further). Luckily, I'm still on time.

My dear friend is truly blessed after she left the previous company. Oh by the way, we know each other through work. We are in the same company but different division yet can click. I'm late that day so another friend (my Indian friend) already left. If not we have a threesome shot! Wahahaha... Regardless of race, language or religion, our friendship will last forever. That should be a Singaporean's spirit. 

And after that, I head back to Tampines Central. Hang around that place while waiting for my guy to head for the chalet at Costa Sands. Boring. He picked me from White Sands by cab and off we go to the place. It is a nice of gossips. The target was there for us to tease and joke about. Wahahahahhhh... I think he cannot stand it. Karma bites! Finally he got it! A superb stingy 40+ fat man who is not married yet and went for match-making session arranged by their relatives and got this near 30 years old lady to start off with. 

The subject of the night
But please don't mistaken that the baby is theirs. The baby is our another friend's. He thinks the baby won't cry when he carries. Superb thick-skinned. Superb fun teasing this fat one (everyone calls him that) that night. Everyone who has tolerated his stinginess had fun that night. Shiok max! 

By sitting in this position means they are being interrogated by the mass. Wahahahaha... The night was full of BBQ food. Heaty to the max! I have totally burst my calories. Over-eat. But can't resist. Don't wanna have beer but the fridge is standard. All Tiger Beer! What the hell! Drink lor to quench my thirst. Idiot! All the drinkers.

So after that, we went home. On the way getting a cab, my guy, his friend and me were talking and laughing out loud on the roadside as we walked. Super loud at night. Cannot hold that laughter. Really cannot.

The following day was my guy's birthday. Never celebrate. Just stay at home and rot. 

Then on Monday 30 Dec 2013, the 2nd last day of 2013 was spent with my ex-colleagues from Keppel. Had a Pre-Xmas buffet dinner at Furama City Centre, Tiffany Cafe. I'm quite pleased with their spread except for the hot stuff. So I sup mostly their fresh salmon. I had 2 servings. Just take without considering others. Because before me, a guy also take like nobody's business! NICE TO THE MAX! Their DIY mee siam is good too. 

Sushi spread + Fresh salmon
Humble spread of dim sum + fried rice
Mee Siam
Dessert spread
Hot Longan Soup
The ladies are going ga-ga over that durian puree. I took some from them. Superb nice. From our table, you can smell that durian puree. Awesome right? But I'm not in the mood for that so too bad!

After we are super full, we settled down and chit chat. And then we started to camwhore. And then saw other tables also start camwhoring. Wahahahaha.... Spam our works now!

Okay done! Ya... it seems like almost the same but actually is different poses. Don't mind ya!

So on 31 Dec 2013 New Year's Eve, we went over to his friend's house for steamboat dinner. Tell me about it! Every December is full of these type of gatherings. Aiya even if go for holidays, is about food + scenery. We simply can't live without food. Steamboat our way to 2014 + stupid idiotic dice and poker games. Drink die us! Wahahahahah...

The stupid dice game has driven 4 men and 1 lady crazy! It is so insane. My 1st time playing and my last. I just couldn't figure out how to play. And I just anyhow scream the numbers. Ya lah... Of course my guy not playing and whenever I lose, he drinks. Till the end, he cannot take it anymore and I took over the drinking part. Lousy! Not that I can't drink but when I get high, I will talk nonsense and loud too. Very bad. Ya lah... The men are laughing away. Very happy that I lost! Damnit!

Okay. Come to this 大老二. My guy played and I just snatch over and put all in order and he took back and play. Ya lah... Of course win and lose lah. Idiot! All the gamblers. They sure gamble during CNY and 7th month celebration. *Slap forehead* 

We brought 1 bottle of Wolf Blass and the host bought 2 Red Label and we drink like nobody's biz. WTF! So all of us (except the host) went back in cab. Never drive.

So that is how I spend the last few weeks of December 2013 before ushering the new year 2014, a year of Horse. And I'm getting married in the year of Horse aka 2014 Bride! Woohoo.... Congrats me! Wahahahahahhah...