Culinary | Festive goodies

Yes yes! Why am I so excited about Lunar New Year is because this will be the last year that I will be getting red packets and so I'm gonna tag along for visiting to get more red packets! Damn it! Next year onwards is give give give!!!!! Probably we go for holidays during Lunar New Year. I'm free as a bird from my parents by this year! Yahoooo.... But no one will do laundry for me anymore. No one will sweep and mop the floor for me anymore. Damn it! That's the worst part in life. Everything is on me. Fark! I'm gonna hire a part-time maid to do it! Weekends only. Let's see how it goes.

Anyway, the past 3 evenings were all about goodies making. Actually I'm not adventurous enough to do those more advance goodies like pineapple tarts and etc. Because I DON'T HAVE A BLOODY OVEN AT HOME! *Hate* So my future home will have. And from there, I shall mess the kitchen in whatever ways I want because nobody will nag at me except myself or my hub!

So I did the simplest of all the goodies and that is Seaweed Crackers and Popiah Crackers. I started doing Seaweed crackers last year and this year I'm doing it again. And before I start, I keep cracking my brain on the best way to do it. And bingo! I did it. A much faster way and more productive than before. If you have read about my post on the Failure Goodies, you should have a rough idea of how I did my Seaweed Crackers. This year, it turns out good with me improvising the way. Well done!

Day 1

My Day 1 was a mixture of both. Did the most for seaweed crackers. Because is my favourite. But still need lotsa practice because the shape, sizes and color tone are so different. Not equal at all like those selling outside. But at least I spend not more than $7 to make few bottles out of it. Why not? And the time consumed is after work and mostly 3 hours, I settled with making and frying. By the way, this time round I used my HappyCall pan to do the frying. Awesome!

Day 2

For Day 2, is mainly popiah crackers. One thing about making such crackers is that you have to race against the wind and time in order not to have a harden skin. It is so difficult to stick them up, whether you used egg white or starch (I think). From the photo you can see some crackers are 'crack up' on the skin. Grrrrr.... Angry. Never mind. We did our best.

Day 3

And on the last day aka Day 3, just seaweed crackers and all the 2 packets of spring roll skins are used up. No leftovers. Good job. Yes my readers. Still got a long way for me to achieve the right color tone. My frying skill must be good better best! Never let it rest. Make the good better. And better best! 

That's all for this post. When I'm ready to sell, I will tell the whole world. So remember to support! For now, is keep trying and improving my skill. I like it!