Wonderful Gatherings

Well... I supposed to have post my Christmas Day lunch at my Uncle's house but till now is not up. Yes... I going to do it now and is going to be long and full of photos because is not just Christmas but oso a gathering in New Year 2013... 

Okay... I don't know since when it has become a tradition that on Christmas Day (25 Dec), we will go over to my youngest uncle's house for Christmas lunch. Eh.. He stayed with his family in Clementi. So very convenience for us.  I mean mi and my family because we stay in the West.  I think if I'm not wrong, since my uncle married many years ago, he started so-called party. For me, I on and off went though is a yearly event. And 2012, I went because my bro is working. Yes on a Christmas Day and he is working. Idiot! And I ditch my guy for a day and went with my parents.

Is always the usual.  Before the day, have to think of presents. Nothing but presents. Especially for the kids. Well... So good right?  Because when I was a kid, I love lots of presents. Mi and my brother. It is all wrapped up and put under our Christmas tree at home. Then we will anticipate 25 Dec to open all up and play instantly. And also, is a very cute and sweet thingy. We have Christmas stocking hang at the window. Because during that time, we believe in Santa Claus. But then we know that the real Santa Claus lives so far away and so the instant Santa will be our parents. In the morning we will wake up, finding the stocking filled with chocolates and toys. Wahahahahha... Mi and my brother will be so happy and went to our parents, showing them all the stuff. So that was those childhood days. Sweet memories...

And so 25 Dec 2012, we went down to my uncle's house by public transport. Standard okay? We don't own a car. Reach there. Still not started. So sit down, chit chat. Waiting for the food to be ready and we tuck in... It is usually in buffet style. More convenience and easy.

What I can say is that my aunt is really a good cook. She whip up all the dishes and some help from her kids and husband or maybe her mum.  Wonderful woman. She was once a career woman but eventually stop working and took care the kids till now. Really well taken care of the whole family.

And then in the mid afternoon when almost everyone has had their lunch, my Uncle bring out log cake. And is 2 of them. Goodness. 

I confirm this one is the similar log cake that I first bought home earlier on. Is from Prima Deli. Wahahahah... But mine is Black Forest and this one is chocolate. Obvious rite? And so ready to cut.

And then when the first log cake is done distributing, the 2nd one is brought out. And this time is from Bengawan Solo.

Woohoo... Lovely... 2 log cakes just enough to feed every guest. Imagine how many people are in the house.  And so... for the whole afternoon till evening, is the elder ones chatting away, mi and my mum head home first.  My dad got many things to talk one. So he stay on and chat with my aunt and uncles... Whoever around he can strike a topic one. Me and my mum bring back presents... Wahhahahaha....

Eh... I know quite ugly to present it this way... But I can't think of other ways. Maybe mind-block. These are my presents, from cousin and aunt/uncle.

This is the one. The unwrapped present from the previous pic. Wow.. the colour is damn nice... I like the red.  I like the box too but not that I like pink but I just find it sooooooo nice.  Don't know how to describe. Beyond my words.

And so this is my Christmas. A lovely one as usual, every year. That's why I love December that is filled with love and joy of this festive season.

So after Christmas, we countdown to a New Year.  6 days to 2013 from Christmas Day. What do u anticipate in 2013?  I have not much to anticipate but have lots of money and also pass all my modules for my degree program.

So in 2013, had a gathering at my guy's fren house.  Yes... The next house to hop after the previous one that I have posted here My Pre-Xmas Gathering One.  

As compared between the two, the difference is that this time round, no steamboat but just a simple cooking by the host. And also this time round is all about wines and champagne drinking. Awesome!!

Two days before the house gathering, the guys met up for a drink and so decided to have another gathering. And yes... I got my Beauty Powder Drink which costs $100. Future husband pays for future wife because future wife wanted to try the drink. Wahahahahha....  But at least I'm sharing with my guy.  I am not so selfish to drink on my own because it's expensive. He has heavy dark eyebags. Let's try and see if this works.  Recommended by his fren's wife. Wanna find out more, check out the link here.

Okay let's get started. So on that day of the gathering, we brought along 1 bottle of red wine and 1 bottle of white wine. Hee... All these are contributed by me. My house is full of wines. Arrgh... And nobody drinks. So I took it and give to the host. Thank god he is a wine drinker. I mean drinker. Not just wine. But he knows how to appreciate good wine and champagne than my guy. Should learn something from him actually.

The guys are in the kitchen, getting food for us ladies. Wahahahahha.... These 3 fellows are long time buddies. Of different age group. My guy is the oldest. The youngest is the host. 

FOOD!!!! The host's wife early morning wake up and prepare all these before heading for work. Thank you very much. So nice of her. U know alot of things to prep for curry chicken and braised pork or not??? Taste good. The curry is not that spicy but good enough. I scare too spicy. The meaty stuff are so tender. Cooked since morning sure soft and tender. Nice!!!!  Okay. The host very good. Take out the mahjong table as our dining table. Wahahahaha... I wonder he not scare dirty is it?

Nice sausage done by Philip Air Fryer. And yes... after our proper meal, we had lots of fried food that is done by the air fryer.  Trial and error the crispy level of hashbrowns. Done a few times and had hashbrowns for few times. Oh well... Guess the longer u air-fry it, the more crispy it is. Logic right?  Not just sausage and hashbrowns, had sotong balls. Woohoo... But a lesson learnt. Please defroze the sotong balls before frying because when u eat, u taste the fridge kind of smell. I had a few and stop. Really make u nausea.

And then is all the gossips chit chat till the wife comes back.  She bought food from Bedok don't know coffeeshop or what.  They live in Bedok.  Very superb near interchange. Well done. So convenience.

I thought only satay and BBQ chicken. That's alot you know?  6 persons can finish or not?  We are full from fried food and lots of bottles of wine and champagne. Goodness.

And there is rojak too. Oh man... The wife is very generous lor. So good one the wife. Cook in the morning and also buy food some more. 

I think I had about 3-4 BBQ chicken. I think.  Spot sotong ball above not?  The host fry again. Oh no.... Don't need steamboat or buffet. Like that eat is so full and sinful. Fat ass me.

Cheers to 2013. That's my champagne. The whole afternoon, the host tells us all about wine and champagne. A appreciation afternoon. But is a waste of time to tell my guy because so long there is alcohol in it, he drinks. No problem for him.

So we end the night with the host, guess too tired, lying on the floor, falling asleep with the phone on hand. And we help to clear the mess. The guys even give hard smack on the bum of the host but nothing wakes him up. So cute and funny...

I love house gathering aka house hopping.  So these 3 buddies, next house gathering will be our turn when our flat is up next year. Still a long way man.  But I will make sure I be a good host. To be different, is all beer and wine. A combination. I think I will make dessert. Those hot dessert. I will go find the recipe and learn. The easiest will be asking my parents how to cook the red bean soup. Some more what?  Hmm... I will come out with something special. 

So that's it for this post. Happy Reading!