Food Review | ♥ Black Angus Steakhouse

It was our first time to Black Angus Steakhouse and I think the service and food are great. Never regretted my choice, though is a last min change from Morton's to Black Angus. I reserve like in early Dec 2012 over the phone and was looking forward to it because that's a birthday treat for my guy. 

Black Angus Steakhouse is situated at 1 Tanglin Road, #01-08 Orchard Parade Hotel just across the street from Forum Shopping Mall. If u like to visit Singapore, u may just want to stay at the same hotel as everything is to your convenience. Hard Rock Cafe is just behind Forum Shopping Mall. Right opposite is Delfi Orchard, Palais Renaissance etc. And all the way u walk down, is all shopping and food. Cos u are already at our shopping paradise, Orchard Road.  As for Black Angus, u may want to drop by for a meal or u can make reservation through their hotline 6734 1181 during their operating hours from 11am-3pm & 6pm-11pm on Mon and 11am-11pm from Tues to Sun.  Check out their website for more information.

I came across Black Angus through my friends. Didn't really ask them but just saw photos of them having dinner there. Because for like very long, me and my guy never had steak and so this time round since is his birthday, we shall try it. Happy can already. Don't bother about the price. But then, the bill came and surprisingly reasonable. Love Black Angus!  Their service staff are friendly too, with a smile on them. Thumbs up!

We were seated and browsing through the menu. Varieties and we don't know what to have. But our purpose here is to have steak. So steak is a must. 

A server came over to introduce herself and recommended us the signature dishes. So we just follow. And the soft drinks, u pay for one price and u can have refill. Woohoo... So we had that.

Their salt and pepper. Nice ar. I like it this way rather than those traditional bottles to contain them. 

Here comes their Garden Salad. We expected to have fried and oily foods since we are here. And ya... slow digesting food. A salad for a start will be good. If only they can minus away the sauce. Or they can let their customers choose whether to have or not to have for the sauce. Much healthy cum less sinful.

Well... this is their Wagon Wheel Sampler Platter.  We go by clock wise from your left, Shrimp Cocktail. Yummy... Is damn fresh. Mi and my guy love real fresh prawns. It tastes so springy. Eh... u may want to minus off the tomato or chilli sauce dip. Spoil the original taste of the prawns. Next on top, Crisp Fried Zucchini and following Potato Skins. Eh... don't like. Lastly, Buffalo Chicken Strip. Yes!!! Nice to the max. Must try!!!! But it tastes like popcorn chicken or LJS's chicken.

Ta-da... Here comes the main. Rib-eye with teriyaki sauce. Medium well. There is potato and asparagus on the side. Woohoo... Both of us love. U can feel the juice in your mouth. Tender chew. Thumbs up!

So this is what we had that night and is very filling. After our dinner, we strolled all the way down to Tanglin Mall and took a cab home. So peeps, if you wanna try, do make your way down to Black Angus. Cos I will be back! Wahahahahha....