Ushering Snake Year 2013

Based on our Chinese Zodiac, the coming Lunar New Year is the year of Snake!  I have a Snake mum. Hahaha... My mum born in the year of Snake and is her year. 

From now it is just 2-3 weeks to Lunar New Year. Everyone is cleaning up their house, buying goodies and decorating etc.  For me, what I did was buying the drinks in advance. I scare this year out of stock again. Usually I buy 24 cans of drink from the petrol station just 5 mins from my house. This year, I finally got it!

Ta-da.... Heaven and Earth. This pack has 4 flavours, Jasmine Green Tea, Honey Chamomile Green Tea, Passionfruit Tea and Lemon Tea. My love.  Cost me $12.80, which means about 50cents each can.

In case u wanna buy for New Year but afraid is not really healthy, check out their website to find out more.

That's my first contribution.

Next will be goodies.

I bought from Mr Bean their goodies at $40.80 for 3 tins which comes with a nice bag for gift and plus a pack of red packets. Is cute. I was so into their reusable bag that I really bought it. If you buy this way, is about $13.60 per tin.  If you buy one tin only, it costs $16.80. I save $3.20 per tin. *clap clap* 

Nice right??? It is an eco-friendly bag and u won't mind bring it around when needed. And it is just perfect and presentable for gifts. I love the tins and I'm going to keep it after that for my usage. Can put lots of barang barang. Nice......

There are 3 types of goodies to choose from: Pineapple Tarts, Macadamia Cookies and Cornflakes Cookies. I tried it at their outlet and is nice. Especially the Macadamia Cookies.  Also it mentioned that the goodies contain soya flour, their very own recipe. Cool!

So if you wanna buy, head down to their outlets islandwide. Don't need to pre-order. Buy off shelf. Expiry date is 24 Feb 2013. So nothing to worry if you wanna keep till New Year. To me, so long you never open it, is okay.

Check out their website to see the leaflet online.  Now then I know I don't need to buy up 3 tins to get the eco-friendly bag. 2 tins will do except that it does not have the red packets. Hahahaha... Come to think about it, I can save $10 but per tin will be more expensive but still cheaper than $16.80.

Happy Shopping for this Lunar New Year!