Lousy Me a Blogger

Oh well... I'm just like a normal blogger who blogs my mind out. 

No advertisers will ever look for me to promote their products or whatsoever. I'm quite certain about that due to my poor English.

Most of the time I do my own personal recommendation on stuffs I bought or use or whatever. Don't ever need to think that I'm offered to do review or whatever advertorial bullshit.

There is a difference okay?  I do my own without being paid and those more famous bloggers are paid.

I am not paid a single cents. I do as I like.

And most importantly, theirs are sponsored but mine, I PAY MYSELF!!!

Simple as that. In any ways, am I doing something wrong here by showing and recommending stuffs that I use my own money to pay to let peeps here know? I don't think so. 

I'm a consumer of the products/services. I deem fit have the right to comment or feedback in order for the companies to further improve. Too good or too bad, they still have to do note on comments everywhere. 

And then again, free advertisement. Though it may not be a good one but... at least if the feedback/comments are no good, IMPROVE IT!!!  Public will notice it if there is improvement.

So sick and tired of seeing those blabbering everywhere be it in news or social media about this cannot do, that cannot do, this is ethical, that is unethical. Come on! Give me a break. In this world, nothing is ethical. Is too good to be true if this world and the humans around are ethical. It is FAKE!

The End.