The Hate

Why I say 'The Hate'?  Because my limit is really up and I really can't stand it now that I have to vent it all out once and for all (or maybe yet again). 

I simply don't care how people see me after this post but I really hate that Weirdo (I given him this name bcos he is the weirdest person on earth I ever seen, at least up to date) that I am working with and feel like slapping the hell out of him. He is nothing but idiotic bloody damn asshole in the whole wide world.

The reason why I can conclude this is because today, I simply cannot stand people who cannot one shot give the work and must bit by bit give. WHAT THE HELL!  Best scenario is when u go back office after printing a 120 copies, another set or a few sets of other stuff on your table. Okay fine. I go again and come back. IDIOT!  Another set!!! I know I am plump and need more exercise but cannot one shot give is it?  Though is time consuming, but I'm okay with it. But but but.... Do u know how paiseh I am to go again n again for number of times to use others' copier and some more use till no paper, no staple or no toner.  I went 3 places just to print all the stuff. Ya is my work and I am paid for my job. But I cannot work in this way. I simply cant! And he!!! He cannot see that I got nothing to do. Really! If not, that's not the way to do work. Okay lah I give the benefit of doubt. Maybe he is too tie up with the forever chunk of emails that are not reply yet and too many things to do. So he do bits by bits out. And he doesn't care how I will think. So what he is the one deciding my salary/give me my pay?  Hey come on! He is not that rich to be a boss. All his funds for the course comes from others. He is just out to control the budget given. And IT IS NOT HIS MONEY MIND U!

Verdict for this job: I'm not up to the job as a secretary. I AM NOT A SECRETARY MATERIAL, GET IT?

Never mind then. I shall just endure for another 21 months till Sep 2014. Mine is a 2 years contract basis renewable but I doubt I wan to if till den everything (my flat, my loan, my wedding) all settled. I will go for good. I will not stay. Now is just passing my time because I'm taking my degree and year end will be done. I do learn something here and I appreciate that. And I will take it as a experience (cum nightmare) working with the Weirdo. The working environment overall is good but not the person that I'm working for/with.

I felt so 'ill-treated'. Okay take example last month (Dec 2012). But first, I want to make myself clear that I am not into his treat or whatever but is a form of courtesy/gesture towards someone who work for u!!!!! 

December is the month of Christmas. One of the days in office, he called up a secretary (or whatever) from another department and invited them to his house for a Christmas lunch (that was the week before Christmas and his hse is like a staff apartment).  Can u imagine that he can do with my presence and he doesn't feel paiseh at all to let me know that HE IS INVITING OTHERS FOR CHRISTMAS LUNCH AT HIS HSE! And that day for the lunch, I think he never come back to the office (if I can remember correctly). Ya busy preparing food for his PRESTIGE GUESTS!!!  I'm fine with it because I DON'T NEED SEE HIS FACE FOR A DAY DAMNIT!  Then the other one was on Christmas eve.  Half day for all staff. He came in for awhile, give me a SHITTY XMAS GIFT and went off for good.  The gift is like other people give him and he don't want then pass it to me to passes as a gift from him. 

Ya... Is the thought that counts. Right!!! Do u find it kiddy?  Though sometimes I may be childish but not to the extent where I have to receive such things. This type of gift is for kids in kindergarten where they celebrate their birthday in sch and give the goodie bags to their frens. And this type in the picture is oldie times, during my time. Now in the present, the goodie bags for the kids are much more better. So how u think?  I rather he don't give me anything. Cos I don't care. But since he gives me, I MUST FARKING SAY IT AND COMMENT IT ALL OUT!!!  So in return, I gave him a present too. I am so nice. All wrapped up nicely.  Guess what?  IS A RECYCLED PRESENT FROM 2011 CHRISTMAS!!!!  I am so eco-friendly right?  The presents that I received which I don't find it useful to me, I will keep nice nice and wait for the opportunity to give out during birthdays or Christmas or even housewarming, if the gifts are appropriate/suitable for the occasion.  Okay... people may think I cheapskate or whatsoever. Be it!  U think I care how others look at me?  I WON'T FROM NOW ON!  I don't think that what I do is something not nice or whatever. Is the thought that counts right?  I am a thrifty, cheapskate plus eco-friendly person. If the gifts u get will cause my rubbish in your room, instead of throwing it away, why not give it to others?  U don't want to hog your room with rubbish, then let the gift hog others lah. Maybe they find it useful, maybe not. So u never know how useful it can be until the person use it.

Okay back to the topic. The 3rd scenario I'm going to say is the same as the first scenario (christmas lunch) but this time round is on Boxing Day!  He invited yet again others to his house for dinner and still say out loud that he is going to make turkey and don't know how many attempts he fail on that turkey. And even remind them the time again in front of me. Again, I am not being asked. Okay fine. Seriously, I rather go home after work. My house is more pleasing than his. 

So from the scenario I have mentioned, I felt 'ill-treated' by him. I simply don't like my job and the kind of boss I'm working for.  But I have to endure. For the sake of my studies. I need to pass smoothly this year 2013 and things will be better next year. 

Yes... I know that is my job and I am to take instruction and work for whoever I am assigned to because I'm paid to do so.  But is that good?  I don't think so. I have worked for 3 months and counting. And everyday on weekdays, I am dragging myself to work. I loathe the feeling of going to work.  Partly, I'm study-stress. And then add on to this piece of shit, I LAGI STRESS!!!  Is not doing me any good in some ways. But endure. Just endure. 

I think my frens get sick and tired of hearing me complaining about my work. Never a day I will stop complaining. I'm so sorry to my dear frens... Thanks for being that patient in hearing me out.  And of cos my guy. He encountered the same fate as my frens. What to do?  Cannot keep it to myself. Wait I will go crazy!!!

Right!!! That's all for my grievances. I will sort out my photos for Christmas and post soon.