Food Review | BlackBall Singapore + Freezing Day

I never felt this cold before in my life especially in Singapore. Last Saturday was freezing cold. Raining non stop since midnight I guess. This is like too extreme. Whenever I go to bed, I will on full blast my fan but think since Dec last year, I either turn it to the lowest or never turn it on at all. And I am still very cold (I'm not falling sick or what) with my jacket and long pants on. Wrap myself in the blanket. Damnit. But I love it!

That last Sat I was mentioning, I met up with my fren to head for sch but before that we head to Clementi Mall (I suggested) because I wanna try the dessert that I spotted previously.  Initially I wanted Baskin Robbins. Then my fren give me that kind of 'wtf' look because weather so cold liao. But I also don't understand why I like to beat against the coldness by having something cold still. Then I rem at City Vibe, there is this dessert shop which I wanted to try and so we head there. Hot dessert instead. To warm our tummy.

Yup this is the one. We bought two different types to try. Hoping is nice enough to warm our chilling souls.

It is a small little shop located next to Long John Silvers. Spot that celebrity on the wall? Ya... Zhang Yao Dong from Malaysia. Left Mediacorp I guess. Not really sure because I don't really look out for Mediacorp artistes. Not really that interested.

Woohoo... Here comes our two hot piping dessert. I just can't wait to have them immediately. So cold!!! Brrrrrr.....

This is black glutinous soup with yam balls, sweet potato balls etc. Actually I really don't know which is which. Hahaha... Sorry for being stupid but it tastes quite springy. I like. I don't really like yam but so long the yam taste is not strong, I'm okay!  Because there are other desserts make of yam which is nice!.

And so this is the Black Ball signature. This is red bean, grass jelly, yam balls, sweet potato balls etc.  I never had warm grass jelly before and I think is nice. Usually people have icy grass jelly on a hot sunny day and is very refreshing. But we turn to a warm version and is not so sweet. Just nice.

Based on this without any research, I probably think it originated from Taiwan and have outlets in Malaysia, Singapore (of course) and Indonesia. Why not you peeps check it out from the website?

Yes and so it ends our dessert time and head to school straight. Waited quite awhile before the bus comes.  Head to the library, borrow our wanted books and started printing like mad. Okay! I know is unethical and it is wrong to print books. But the books cost $70 to $80 over and the books will not be fully utilised because the chapters are picked by the schools and not all the chapters. Such a waste. And then, the whole book is gonna be used for only one module and is like 3 months. It is still quite costly if you do your calculation, for example a book costs $88 then divided by 3, $29+ a month. Not fully depreciated. If I print half, it costs mi way less than that. So I print like 2 books but only manage to print half of each because time is running out and heading for class. Cost me about $7 (SGD).  And please, everyone is doing that. Not just me and don't penalise me only. No choice. Even if I am a working adult, is quite a wasteful. Okay lah if I sell it after I pass my module, still not worth even though u get back abit which is better than nothing but still, IS NOT WORTH!  And not all textbooks help u, get it?

Okay this is the part. By standing at the copier, we are cold. Outside the library after we are done, it even cold cos raining cum blowing wind. Enter the lecture theatre, even freezing cold. I guess the air-conditioning of the school is centralised and even if u turn the temperature lower, it doesn't really help. Thanks to the rain. I like the coldness but not too cold lah...  But I rather enjoy the cold in other countries. I wan the coldness when I'm travelling to other countries.

Endure through out the lecture till our break-time. Run out of the theatre and head for the Ladies while my classmate went to get some hot drink. It doesn't help. We both standing there, holding on to that hot teh tarik (Indian milk tea), drinking bits by bits. Doesn't help even after finishing. I just look forward to the end of lesson to run out of the theatre again. Can't stand it.  My guy pick me up and I even ask him to turn off the air-conditioning. Brrrrrr.....

So that's my experience of the COLDEST DAY in my life, in Singapore.