I am...

I am:

1) going 32 this year;

2) completing my RMIT degree program by end of year *fingers crossed*;

3) repaying full for my study loan with Maybank by end of 2013;

4) planning for pre-honeymoon to Korea (but with his friends along) in early Feb-Mar 2014;

5) planning and designing my new flat with a certain theme (undecided yet);

6) preparing myself to be a wife;

7) planning and preparing for our small-scale wedding to be held hopefully in 2014;

8) going for a post-honeymoon after our wedding

9) setting up my own business that I'm interested *fingers crossed*, and 

10) planning to retire by 45 or maybe extend to 55 years old the most.

So this is what I have planned for myself. It is very current and realistic.

I am also:

1) grateful for whoever I don't know out there who pop by my blog;

2) grateful for those who like my photos posted on Instagram (very greatly encouraged);

3) grateful for those who follow me on Instagram (except maybe fake account or sort);

4) grateful that Pinterest is around and let me see the world in a broader perspective, and

5) grateful for having Twitter to vent my frustration and Facebook no longer my choice.

Most importantly, 

I am grateful that I am in this world to irritate and get irritate by others.