Wedding on 9 Dec 2012

Yup... Attended my first ever Indian wedding and was quite anticipating. Went alone and was looking forward to meeting my ex-colleagues there. And yes... is my ex-colleague's wedding. At first, never thought will see many of them but end up many familiar faces appeared.

Held at Lagun Sari, Joo Chiat Road. U can check out their website and here is the link. Guess what? Head down via MRT to Dakota. And from there took cab to the actual venue. My planning all failed. Want to go on budget and deciding to take bus but end up, I almost get myself lost in SINGAPORE!!!! Stupid miii... 

Reach there quite on time but end up starting the ceremony for an hour plus till almost 9pm then buffet starts. Saw lotsa ladies in their nice sari... So traditional. Love!!!

Here are some peektures taken that day, courtesy of my fren, Ifah and her guy...

So this is the bride and the groom... Blissful marriage ahead and stay loving always.... Best wishes from myself....

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