Dearies Club Annual Xmas Gathering - P2

So just walk across... We reached The Queen & Mangosteen.

Is all about Queen... So I expect we are treated like Queens too by the servers.  This reminds mi of the restaurant Queens at Sentosa Boardwalk. Hahahaha... I went there once on my birthday with my guy. Guess what?  Don't know is it no business or we are too early, we are like their first customer. Den subsequently more people pop in for dinner.

Here comes the food... 

When it comes to sausages, please have it while it is hot piping. Realise that after it turns cold, doesn't taste nice anymore, even the best sausage on earth. Seriously. So I aim the chips. I don't know why I love salty food. Not good for health but it sips in your diet unknowingly and deliberately. Hahahaha... Wings!!!! I love the hot wings loads.

Mcdonald's also my fav. So long is this type one, my fav. Ya... remind u again to have it when it is hot! 

The thick cut chips vs the thing cut chips. The thick one tastes more like potato wedges to me, even though the looks of it is far apart. Aiya all potato thingy. No diff! Siao... I wonder why I order the thick one for. But I don't know my fren order the sausage got chips ma. 

Close up of the thick cut chips. Very salty hor. U can see from the photo. Yup... But I love it... 

I am curious what is this too. Never tried. It looks from here like baked rice? Lasagne? Pie? Gotta ask my fren. Looks good here.

The last member arrived and gave us all each a Eclipse mints. So thoughtful of her. She knows after we talk and gossip so much along with food and drinks, our mouth tends to have an 'awesome' breathe and this comes in handy. Wahahahah... I realise is Dino on both sides. Did u c it? Limited edition, I guess so. And most importantly, I saw Agnes B logo. Am I correct? Correct me if I'm wrong. 

I thought we have finished our dinner. Then again, is food. Luckily it is just this to be shared among. Ordered by the last member arriving at 8+. 
Grilled chicken. Tastes good. Everyone gets to taste. So nice of my fren to cut it for us later on... So eat and eat... 

Salad salad. U look delicious here. But if only the sauce is not in u. If not, I will eat u up too! 

Okay... Now is the inside look of The Queen & Mangosteen. Enough of food for this post. It doesn't seems to be a gathering post but rather a food post. Wahahahahahahahahahah...

Even the wall paintings are Queen. Queen x zillion... The bunch opposite us also like us having gathering. Seems to me like a birthday cum Christmas gift exchange gathering. Not bad ar. I guess for this whole week, everyone is having gift exchange, gatherings and parties.

The Christmas decoration. Hey! The thingy on the ceiling looks dirty and ugly. Get someone to clean or paint one layer over it. Hmm... I guess over the times, it will still get dirty. Forget what I have just said then.

And so this is all of us present for the gathering.... Can see the bar behind. And the outside view of Sentosa... And this photo, I snap better than the server did for us. Way better. But anyway, thanks to whoever that night help us take photos although they are busy around with customers.

And so we are all set to present our present to the lucky one that each of us have draw using the lots I did in the office.

Gift presentation... To one another. All smiles... Say cheese!!!!

And then is opening of our presents.... On the spot! No kidding. Is like a tradition for us to do so.

And so that's the end of our gift exchange.  Chit chat session continues after that for about 10-15 mins and then ready to pack, settle bill and head home. So our annual Xmas gathering come to an end... And look forward to next year 2013 Xmas gathering. I must think of a good place to go... If not, I will be criticized again. Wahahahahah... Fruit Paradise, not that I don't want to patronise your shop but is all about tarts at Vivo City. Maybe shall try another outlet at Raffles City. I remember is all the curry rice in menu other than tarts. 

So... I would like to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!