My Pre Xmas Gathering One

2nd day of December 2012. I am looking forward to the gathering at his friend's house. Seriously. I rather go house-hopping than club-hopping. It is much more expensive if the latter is chose. However, I don't know whether they sense that age is catching up, clubbing is no more for them. That's why they opt for more homely kind of gathering.

We suppose to reach at 2pm to kick start the steamboat but was way late at the host is freaking hungry while waiting for us. Went to buy their beers. Imagine 12 big bottles of Tiger + 2 bottles of Hoegarden. Well... drinking is unavoidable for these guys. So drink till drop bah. 

Finally we have reached. They bring out all the food and sort. No rice or noodles. Just the food you see below.  A lot right? Don't tell me if not alot because we almost can't finish it. Oh my god!!! It is so coincidence. All my favourite mushrooms, quail eggs and fishballs. Shame on me but that's what most of the time I will have with steamboat.  

This pork meat taste good. Initially I don't really want to have it but after trying, I want more. My guy keep scooping it for me. I just wanna take myself and take what I like. I guess he knows I will sit there and see long time and end up feeling full. Wahahahaha... Great mind think alike.

I don't have intention to drink beers at all but because I saw the gift pack of Hoegaarden, I asked my guy to buy since they are going to drink till drop. True enough. Wahahahha.. Finally I got my long awaited cup. Woohoo... Hey not that one beside the bottle. I have already kept it in my bag. I drink Coke instead.

See the steamboat? Overflowing with food. Wahahahah... This is mid way of our lunch since 3pm. Oh my good. I think I wanna stop already. But still got so much mushroom. The quail eggs are attacked, mostly by myself and my guy. Wahahahahah... I shamelessly made a request 2 days back to the host that I want fishballs and quail eggs. *victory sign* Oh ya... the soup base is ma-la. The degree is spiciness is just nice for me. I still can take it. So surprisingly. *clap hands* There is lots of chilli flakes. And then the host took out the most awaited 'Zhu xue'. Wahahahah... The guys enjoyed it so much. I had a bit of it though I tried before in Taiwan. Wonderful day!

And so after an hour plus, we finally stopped. Finding another entertainment for the day: Wii. I never never know that it's gonna be a painful one. I was still excited, anticipating to play for the first time. So I happily sat down, waiting for them to get ready. And after it started, the living room turned into a fish market, very noisy with our roaring laughter, cursing and swearing, lots of funny actions (especially from me).

This game is called Swordplay. Is a cursing and swearing game. Two controllers, one doesn't work very well thus the loser. Everyone wants to get hold of the white controller instead. Wahahahha.... We team up with each other and I even fight it all out with my guy. Hahahahah... Initially he lost because I'm holding the better controller. After that, he is cleverer. This game is the culprit of causing our aching arms. Damn it! When we play, our action really very big! Either knock on something or the things on the tea table went flying in front of the TV. Gosh... Lucky never spoil it.

Yup this is bowling. And I like this game. Easy to play and then my pattern alot. They are laughing behind me. Kaoz... I'm like playing it too seriously, as if really the real one. After that, many other games. We play all the games in the disc, like wakeboarding, golf, frisbee, basketball and etc. From 4+ in the afternoon all the way to 11pm. This is so crazy. Do you know we did not have our dinner and only drinking non stop? I drink at the later part, cos my guy had too much. Because earlier, they want to play it this way. Whoever loses, drink half a glass of beer. My guy drink for me. But then seeing that he is too high already, I drink it myself. Wahahahahha...

It is really a night of food and booze. Damn it. But just imagine the steamboat lunch is enough to fill us till night. The host even prep for dinner you know? I think everyday they go home cook for dinner also can finish the food. Thank you very much for the food my friend. I wonder the cleaner for the block got cut their hands or not cos they throw down the chute, 14 glass bottles. *Faint* Shouldn't throw it this way. For me, I will bring down to the main chute and put it there. I don't wanna get hurt myself so others also won't want. 

Looking forward to the next gathering, but is at a wedding. Our friendship is unique. Because we come from different races. Wonderful combination. 'Regardless of race, language or religion.' This is quoted out from our Singapore pledge. Shall post again next week. Cheers!!!