Bad Week!

Yup... Today is Friday (14 Dec 2012) and I am just recovering from my fever cum cough cum flu. Wonderful isn't it?

It started on Sunday night. Came back home with a bad headache. Pop panadol and head to sleep. Then the following day, it developed into flu cum running nose. It lasted for like 2 days and it is terrible... Then finally on Wed, I decided to c doctor. But never know that the medicine prescribed to me are damn strong till it develops further to fever. Well done!  Again pop panadol and sleep. When the headache is killing u even when u r sleeping, it means it didn't work. So I bear thru out the night before I decided to take MC!

So Thursday is the day. I wake up 8.30am. Send email to that weirdo, telling him I will b on MC. Den went back lying on bed. Till my mum accompany mi to see a doctor. And that's it. My fever at 38degC++... Yup I am having fever. For farking long time, I am finally really damn down with a fever. That's very rare but when it comes, it hits mi hard enuff to cry out. So MC for two days. For once, my weight plunged to a 49kg ytd but climb bk to 50kg today. Damn it.... Before the school starts, I beta be a fitter me. Rest well everyone and have a good Xmas holidays soon....