Bachelorette Party

Well well... I am so into this topic because I saw lotsa party but all are almost the same. 

The MOST BORING one will be going to clubs/pubs to drink, do silly stuff like asking some unknown people from next table for a kiss, drink and etc or get the Bride to be on stage and let the host to the trick. Basically, if there is ever this type of hen's night for me in near future, please don't bother to even tell me. 

My initial idea of my own bachelorette party will be a few real close girlfriends going for a spa that includes massage, sauna, tea-time, facial, manicure pedicure for the whole day. Pampering ourselves in this way feel a bit more atas than dead drunk or unglam or making yourself like a fool in a club/pub. Yucky.  Ya I give the benefit of doubt. Maybe most of the time, the Bride to be won't get drunk. But they will be asked to do embarrassing stuff. I DON'T LIKE!  Because I can honestly tell u that when I am high, that's it! U can see the most unglam me out of the fugly me.  Damn it! Don't wish to talk about it. That's why I stop partying. Try not to go to that kind of places as frequent as before. *Puke*  Disgusting!

Anyway after that, I have another idea. Y not go for a short trip like 2D1N or 3D2N to nearby places with beaches like Bali, Batam or Bintan.  Then all of us stay in a room like maybe a suite and do Pyjamas Party, Pillow Party etc in the room. Maybe can go for spa too. Wearing bikinis and walk along the beach, sun-tanning because no one knows u and who cares if u look fat in bikinis.

Another one is also quite common/trending is booking a local hotel room and do whatever u wan there. Saw recently a blogger's bachelorette party was held in a local hotel in SG. The bridemaids got stuff like manicure pedicure services, massage services and even some snacks/desserts in there. Went out for dinner at some Japanese restaurant. Not bad an idea. But quite copy-cat if I follow. So I may as well think of others. Probably better ones.

How about a yacht party? Pretty cool!  Or a combined Bachelor/Bachelorette Party? More fun and exciting and CRAZY!

After another question came in mind. Who pay for this bachelorette party?  Initially I thought it was the Bride to be herself. And then later on as I google on this topic, many of them said that is pay by whoever is in attendance and not the Bride to be.  They mean by splitting the cost among those attendees. Some even say that the Maid of Honour will pay the bill. But to be fair, I think is best to split among attendees. Because it can be quite costly.  Even if u go to clubs/pubs for the party, the whole thing will cost u 3-digit and above.  Whatever. How much u are being loved by your girlfriends, can also see from how they organise this party. Or they don't even care. Wahahahahah... 

But also must care about my girlfriends' pocket. All of them are married and have kid(s) except me. And all of them so held up by family/work commitment so doubt they will have time for that. Ya their pockets are tighter than me. Cos got kids, got house, got car and etc. Is all about money.  And I am the last one to be off the shelf. But not so soon. Probably in 2014 or 2015. Kaoz... But we are entering 2013 soon. Kind of near right?  The moment we receive HDB letter on the completion of our new flat, that is the time we got to start preparing for our WEDDING!  And stuffs like renovation, furnitures etc. 

So what do u peeps think of a Bachelorette Party?  What ideas do u have?  Share with me please.... But why am I bothering myself on this when is not my duty to do so?  But I scare my girlfriends plan for those silly stuff that I have mentioned above and I don't like it at all.  DON'T ORGANISE JUST A DINNER!  Is boring and anytime we can gather for dinner so why need to organise a dinner???  Ya... We need to eat. But apart from dinner, some add-ons lah... 

Whatever. I am very thick skinned at times. At times only okay?

Still in the midst of thinking what other ideas that won't hurt pockets?  Hahahahaha...