Dearies Club Annual Xmas Gathering - P1

Well... This is the 2nd round since the club started. The first round was full strength. Everyone turn up. I remember is at Vivo City too, Superdog!  And for this year, is Fruit Paradise at Vivo too but later on switch to The Queen & Mangosteen at Vivo also. Ya... the members said that the tarts are not filling up their stomach at all. All the big eaters. What to do?

The turn up this year was.... okay lah! Short of 2 members to complete the whole. Plus underage little girl (one member brought along her daughter because no one take care).  But the whole night is all about food and gossiping and also gift exchange. Al sort of funny requests we made while taking photos especially during the gift exchange. Our gift exchange is as simple as ABC. Each bring along one present and we draw lots to see who present to who. 

Okay let the peektures to tell the whole story of that night of 18 Dec 2012.

Day before actual day - Preparation of goodie bags

Aiya... I pack goodie bags the day before actual day. Simple and cheap stuff. Just want to spice up the night lor. The nail colours are damn cheap. Bought it at a pushcart while I was at Jurong Point. 1 for $1 and I bought 10 of them and get 1 free. Wahahahah... The cute wooden clips/pegs from Watsons. 2 packs for $3.90. Good deal right? And is nice. Pack one of each pattern in the goodie bag. And each a candy cane. I still have 2 more boxes at home. Bought at Candy Empire, 3 for $10. I think I gonna give the rest to kiddos. And so the M&M $1.95 each from Value Shop and the Little Twin Stars bags $2 from Daiso. So this is what the ladies gonna get for goodie bags.

All ready for the night. Simple with a dose of Christmas, kiddo and lady feel. Get what I mean?  I got problem letting people understand what I am trying to say so what I can do is just to act blur and let all of you blur too.

Actual Day - 18 December 2012, Vivo City, Fruit Paradise

My shoes spoilt. But I insisted wearing it till the night end. So to prevent further mishap of my shoes, I head straight to Fruit Paradise. When I was there, I saw tables being reserved. And what came into my mind was, 'Oh shit. Never reserve table.'  But then I try my luck and asked if I can have a table for 7 pax. And bingo!!! I got it. Phew... Lucky mi! So I sat down there, waiting for all the women to come and even watsapp them, telling them the near-miss of not having a table for us and etc... Kaoz....

So we order tart set, a choice of their tart and a drink for only $9.80! That subjected to 10% service charge and 7% GST!  Ya... That is Singapore standard.

My Earl Grey tea... Mine got colour. My frens ordered another one don't know what Pink rose bud or whatever, like plain water colour. Wahahahahhahh.... I'm good. I want to learn from one of my fren. No more cold drinks. Hot or warm drinks. Good for us, especially ladies. Though tea is still under 'cooling' type of drinks (guess in Chinese medical thingy) but in moderation is good.  I love GREEN TEA!!!! OSK Brand teabags.

Mine... Mixed berries chocolate tart. Nice!!! Blueberry, raspberry and strawberry... Dose of antioxidants to my body... Love it...  The one behind is mine fren's. Seems like mango + strawberry to me.

U know why her cup is empty. Is that plain water kind of tea lor... So in order to get the fullest out of her tea, she let it auto brew in the mini pot for little while more before pouring out to drink. Well done.  Enjoy your non-banana tart. She hates BANANA! And complain is not filling enough for her.... U eat the one whole big tart yourself, want or not? Confirm full die you... Wahahahahhaha.....

She also complain a slice not enough and verdict is not worth it!!!! Arrghhh... Why you all so big eater one???? Eat abit abit will do ma... Enjoy the fruits most importantly... Haiz... K lah... Forgive u. For the sake of u taking nice nice with your tart.

And she can't be bothered to look at the camera because she said I always take lousy n ugly pictures of her. Where have? Ok lah... the tart is abit blurry.  My lousy camera plus lousy skills. NEVER MIND! I will heavily invest in a good one along with upgraded skills.  Please recommend me a good day and night shots camera please....

But end of the day, I still love their tarts. Because it is so pretty with all the fruits topping on them... And it tastes good too.

And so the last 2 to arrive (mother and daughter gang) saved their stomach for The Queen & Mangosteen.  Clever lor... 

And so we settled the bill and head to The Queen & Mangosteen which is just few shops away from Fruit Paradise.  Shall continue in another post.