Taiwanese insulting our English!

I tink most of u hv read e newspaper jus tis wk on Taiwanese artise sayin abt our English. I went in search of the video in youtube. Found it. E most irritating part is when they say our English is weirrd. So I went in search of tat artise's blog and bombard him. I mention in my comment that he should apologise to we Singaporean. Jus went to browse his blog and he reali apologise.. Hahah... At least he reali read his blog... Can be forgiven. He beta learn his lesson liao... Nt jus other countries know hw to bombard the artises lor... Singaporean knows hw too... Shitty... I m a complain queen... Yeah!!!! Wheneva I m nt hapi wit somethin, y keep it in our heart??? Jus complain... Jus bombard!!!!! Wahaha...


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