Future Chef

And tat's miii. My goal. Haha.. so I start frm e v basic... Washin of cutlery and utensils... Yeah... Haha.. U al may tink is kind of stupid, I mean who duno hw to wash plates ar etc.. Bt I wan to wash it in a quick n clean manner. Started yesterday... Haha.. Is a gd chance cos my dad's hands gt some kind of skin prblm which he cant come in touch wit chemicals... Bt hw he bathe?? Funni.. My mum get him to wrap his hands wit plastic bags I tink.... Anyway, I wil wash n wash n wash for a year.... I mus nt b lazi liao.. Hee.. Meanwhile, I start wit cookin rice too.. Seldom eat at hm cos workin in e wkdays. So I wil try my rice cookin skills on wkends. Haha... For a year too... Ya... N oso mop n sweep e floor.. Wat is it gt to do wit bein a chef? Mus learn al ma... Hmm.. Mus start plannin for my future liao la... I duno which path I wana.. Is either I take up a specialist course which my colleague is takin in NP, or continue wit a degree in Biz Adm, or take up courses in hospitality... Haiz.. Wonder hw to choose bt nv mind.. Time wil tel which path I choose reali choose... I m countin dw to my graduation next year liao.. Hopefully I passed al my modules which the results will b out on 28 Feb... *Bless miii* I wan to get out of tat sch asap... Cos of some idiots in my class... Anyway... I jus hope things are smooth tis year... Arrghh.....


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